The Iowa caucus was a bad start for former Vice President Joe Biden, but New Hampshire was even worse. Biden took fifth place in the Granite State, barely breaking 20,000 votes.

Biden fled New Hampshire before the votes were even tallied, running off to South Carolina, where he and others have claimed for months that he has some sort of electoral firewall. The harsh truth is that Biden is, and always has been, a terrible candidate.

On Tuesday, before the New Hampshire race was called, there were already signs of panic.

Natasha Korecki reported at Politico:

Biden super PAC warns of ‘doomsday scenario’

A super PAC for Joe Biden — in a call to arms to wavering donors and supporters — is warning of a “doomsday scenario” for the Democratic Party if the wobbly onetime frontrunner is forced out of the presidential race.

A memo from the Unite the Country super PAC to donors, obtained by POLITICO, asserts that the party could pay a steep price if Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg or Amy Klobuchar is chosen as the nominee. Most ominously, it raises the specter of Sanders and billionaire Mike Bloomberg squaring off at a split convention.

Democrats must stand by Biden through the early stretch of the primary calendar to avoid that fate, the group implores.

“Donors hedging their bets on Biden because of Bloomberg could be creating a doomsday scenario for Democrats everywhere,” the group’s treasurer, Larry Rasky, wrote. “The Sanders-Warren wing of the Party is ready for the Bloomberg fight. Democrats cannot afford a split Convention.

“If Bernie has more delegates, do you really think the Bros will make way for Mike?,” it added, referring to the hard-core Sanders supporters known as “Bernie Bros.” “Not to mention that the legacy of the Sanders campaign (such as the Squad) will ravage any chance Center-Left Democrats have of maintaining hard won victories in states from Pennsylvania to California.”

If donors were worried before New Hampshire, imagine how they feel now.

Robert Stacy McCain summed it up at the American Spectator:

The Great Liberal Freakout Has Begun

Joe Biden could finish as low as fifth place in tonight’s New Hampshire primary results. Certainly, if we can trust the most recent poll, the former vice president will do no better than third, behind Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Even a third-place finish in New Hampshire for Biden would be an improvement over his dismal showing in the Iowa caucus, in which he placed fourth behind Sanders, Buttigieg, and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. But as badly as Warren’s campaign has floundered, it’s unlikely Biden could beat her in her own backyard. What most troubles the dreams of establishment Democrats is the worst-case scenario for Biden in New Hampshire, namely that Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who finished fifth in Iowa, can gain enough momentum to claim fourth place tonight.

Such an outcome would probably be a fatal blow to Biden’s campaign, and the sense that the end is near for Biden has inspired panic in the ranks of Democrats and their media allies over the possibility that either (a) the socialist Sanders could win the party’s nomination, or (b) their coalition might come completely unraveled should the establishment Democrats cheat Sanders out of the nomination, as the Vermont senator’s left-wing loyalists believe happened in 2016. Either way, the odds of any Democrat beating Donald Trump in November have become increasingly bleak, and the Great Liberal Freakout of 2020 has now begun in earnest.

After a long night, Decision Desk HQ called the race for Sanders:

Now seems like a good time to cite this new Gallup poll:

Socialism and Atheism Still U.S. Political Liabilities

More than nine in 10 Americans say they would vote for a presidential candidate nominated by their party who happened to be black, Catholic, Hispanic, Jewish or a woman. Such willingness drops to eight in 10 for candidates who are evangelical Christians or are gays or lesbians. Between six and seven in 10 would vote for someone who is under 40 years of age, over 70, a Muslim or an atheist.

Just one group tested — socialists — receives majority opposition. Less than half of Americans, 45%, say they would vote for a socialist for president, while 53% say they would not.

Joe Biden is not going to be able to save the Democrats from the mess they have made for themselves.


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