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Yale Profs Call on School to Strive for More Ideological Diversity

Yale Profs Call on School to Strive for More Ideological Diversity

“Yale talks a lot of diversity, but basically all that diversity means here is skin color”

This is refreshing. Diversity of viewpoint is largely overlooked in higher education.

Campus Reform reports:

​Yale profs speak out, call on university to strive for ideological diversity

While Yale University has been pushing for an increased diversity of staff based on race, gender, and sexual orientation, some faculty members are speaking out about the lack of political diversity.

The Yale Daily News spoke with professors at the Ivy League institution for their perspectives on data from the school’s Office of Institutional Research showing that faculty diversity is on the rise when it comes to gender and culture.

Many criticized what they claimed to be a lack of effort to have a faculty body surrounding the current political ideology seen throughout the nation. The publication referenced a 2017 survey revealing that close to 75 percent of Yale professors self-identify as liberal with less than 10 percent identifying as conservative.

“Yale talks a lot of diversity, but basically all that diversity means here is skin color… there’s definitely no diversity here when it comes to politics,” said history professor Carlos Eire.”

“The liberal point of view is taken to be objective-not an opinion, not a set of beliefs, said Eire, adding that his own views are nonpartisan, “There’s an assumption that goes unquestioned that if you’re not part of the herd groupthink there’s something wrong with you.”

“[It’s] not helpful if you want to have an open society with creative and productive political dialogue… if everything you say is immediately invalid because you are not virtuous then there’s no dialogue,” Eire added.


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Carlos was born in Cuba, and all of his books are banned in Cuba, “where he has been proclaimed an enemy of the state – a distinction he regards as the highest of all honors.” [from his Yale listing]

So one might say he knows a thing or two because he’s seen a thing or two, about oppressive regimes.

I wonder if there will be open calls for the reeducation of these dissenters. Or at least maybe the ADL will label ‘diversity of thought’ as just another white supremacist meme.

Yale will start hiring conservative faculty members when Hell freezes over in July. They have been weeding out conservatives in their application pool for decades.

Any faculty who don’t toe the leftist party line are quickly shown the door. Examples: Nicholas and Erika Christakis.

The Leftist tyrants are destroying young impressionable minds by the day. AND, parents are paying them hundreds of thousands of dollars each to do so!

These college indoctrination centers are committing treason by teaching sedition to children.