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Yale Art History Course Being Dropped Over Focus on Straight White Males

Yale Art History Course Being Dropped Over Focus on Straight White Males

“putting European art on a pedestal is ‘problematic,’ he said”

When history isn’t progressive enough, just stop teaching it. Problem solved.

The Yale Daily News reports:

Art History Department to scrap survey course

Yale will stop teaching a storied introductory survey course in art history, citing the impossibility of adequately covering the entire field — and its varied cultural backgrounds — in one course.

Decades old and once taught by famous Yale professors like Vincent Scully, “Introduction to Art History: Renaissance to the Present” was once touted to be one of Yale College’s quintessential classes. But this change is the latest response to student uneasiness over an idealized Western “canon” — a product of an overwhelmingly white, straight, European and male cadre of artists.

This spring, the final rendition of the course will seek to question the idea of Western art itself — a marked difference from the course’s focus at its inception. Art history department chair and the course’s instructor Tim Barringer told the News that he plans to demonstrate that a class about the history of art does not just mean Western art. Rather, when there are so many other regions, genres and traditions — all “equally deserving of study” — putting European art on a pedestal is “problematic,” he said.

“I believe that every object I discuss in [“Introduction to Art History: Renaissance to the Present”] (with the possible exception of one truly ghastly painting by Renoir) is of profound cultural value,” Barringer said in an email to the News. “I want all Yale students (and all residents of New Haven who can enter our museums freely) to have access to and to feel confident analyzing and enjoying the core works of the western tradition. But I don’t mistake a history of European painting for the history of all art in all places.”


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Yale has an African museum of 2000 pieces.
Yale has alternative art courses: Asian, African, pre-Columbian.
There are choices. Instead they are erasing Western influence and accomplishments.

The irony is that China has more respect for Western Civilization than the fake intelligentsia of the West.

Western Civilization will stand the test of time.

Yale, and its ilk, in their current incarnation, will learn the lessons of their temporal limits.

Yale will fade away and not soon enough. Along with the crumbling facades of the US university in general. Corrupt and corrosive; this needs to die as soon as possible.

Marxism is of the east. It has no place in the Western world. Yet it is at the core of the disintegration of the Western world.

All it is is a simpleminded scheme to put the clerks in charge of everything. This is no way to run the world as it has proved time and time again.

Here is the next step in this process of removing works of white males: