Old school feminism in academia is giving way to a new school gender approach. This is just one example.

Campus Reform reports:

UNCW ditches ‘Women’s Studies’ to make way for ‘Gender Studies’

Effective Jan. 1, the University of North Carolina-Wilmington renamed its Women’s Studies and Resource Center the Gender Studies and Research Center. The new name came after a unanimous vote by the center’s advisory board in October 2019.

The center was originally designed to “provide students, faculty, staff, and those in the greater Wilmington community with opportunities to experience the diverse facets of women’s lives, hopes and concerns from artistic, historical, and other perspectives” and the mission of the Women’s Studies and Resource Center was to “ …[work] with campus, local, and wider community partners through online teaching, research support, programming, and service activities that further social justice and work to combat social inequality at every level.”

In its announcement of the change, UNCW highlighted center director Dana Stachowiak’s explanation that the change from focusing on “women” to “gender,” in general, ”better serves the mission of the center and keeps current with important issues and trends in the larger field of gender studies.”

Stachowiak says this new change will allow “better support” for both “cisgender and transgender women.”

The newly-named Gender Studies and Research Center has a new mission: “The Gender Studies and Research Center is an interdisciplinary and intersectional community of students, scholars, and advocates committed to social justice and equity. The Center works with community partners to combat social inequality at every level.”


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