Last month, more than 100 Virginia cities and counties declared themselves gun sanctuaries following the Democratic takeover of their legislature.

The movement has gained so much steam that Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring issued an advisory opinion reminding residents that such “sanctuary” resolutions had no standing.

“It is my opinion that these resolutions have no legal effect,” Herring said in a letter issued Friday. “It is my further opinion that localities and local constitutional officers cannot nullify state laws and must comply with gun violence prevention measures that the General Assembly may enact.”

West Virginia is now giving one of the counties an option of joining the state, offering it an alternative to living under continued Democratic domination.

The West Virginia Senate has adopted a resolution calling on Frederick County, Virginia to join West Virginia.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 2 extends an invitation for Frederick County to consider leaving the state of Virginia to become a part of West Virginia. Senators adopted the measure Monday on a voice vote.

The resolution’s sponsor, Sen. Charles Trump (R-Morgan), said the idea is rooted in history that predates West Virginia entering the union.

“I learned for the first time during West Virginia’s 150th birthday celebration. As I read through some of the materials from the records — from the convention in 1862 that — there was an expressed invitation to Frederick County,” Trump said. “I confess that before that I didn’t know it — and it’s been in the back of my mind for a number of years.”

The first time that Fredrick County had been considered for inclusion in West Virginia was during the Civil War.

In 1862, Virginia’s government met in Wheeling to consider the formation of now-West Virginia. Frederick County was included along with Berkeley and Jefferson to join the new state. Berkeley and Jefferson voted to join, Frederick has not yet done so.

…If Frederick County were to join West Virginia, it would be the state’s second largest county. It would have at least six members in the House of Delegates and two senators in the state Senate. It would also add the historic City of Winchester, Virginia and Shenandoah University to the Mountain State.

If the proposal goes through, the switch might offer an interesting template for dealing with the hot mess we lovingly call California.

For example, breaking off a couple countries and placing them in Nevada might be an alternative to #CalExit or the breaking-up of the state of California into separate entities. A review the 2018 election map in California shows that the neighboring state might be a better match for some of our counties…and I am sure that Carson City would be much more sympathetic to the needs of those areas as well.

And even if Frederick County doesn’t change states, it appears West Virginia is poised for a lot more win than California. A major California company is eyeing a new location seriously for its expanding operations.

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice (R) announced Thursday The Clorox Company, a manufacturer of consumer and professional products, intends to apply to construct a “state-of-the-art” cat litter manufacturing site in Berkeley County, W.Va.

According to a press release sent by Justice, the site would bring about $192 million in economic development and create around 100 full-time jobs.

“I can’t tell you how proud I am that Clorox is exploring this expansion opportunity in West Virginia,” Gov. Justice said. “Clorox has a proven track record in the Mountain State – both Mineral and Tucker Counties have greatly benefited from having the company’s Kingsford charcoal facilities and all the investments the company has made in our local communities.”

Clorox sent a draft plan to officials in Berkeley County.

The plan is sad news for the Golden State. California could really use the cat litter, given the feces-strewn streets.


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