The left and media scared us for days about today’s rally in Richmond, VA. They believed so many people who support the Second Amendment in one place would lead to death, destruction, and mayhem.

I mean, Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam declared a temporary state of emergency ahead of the rally.

Well, over 22,000 people attended the rally. It was peaceful with no arrests. State of emergency, eh?

Imagine that. Over 22,0000 people with guns and not one shooting or crime.’s almost as if these passionate gun supporters care about laws and other people, unlike criminals.

The supporters protested against new gun regulations by the Virginia legislation. This includes “universal background checks, a ban on military-style rifles and a bill that would allow authorities to temporarily take guns from people deemed dangerous to themselves or others.”

The protestors believe these regulations will cause the Democratic-controlled legislation to pass more regulations.

Bill Hayden, a man at the rally, said that no one would ever “get the criminals to turn in their weapons.” He insisted that is why people attended the rally. He wants the government to concentrate on the criminals, not the law-abiding citizens:

“I don’t see it as a gun issue, I see it as a human rights issue,” Hayden added. “I think the human rights issue affects all parts of the political spectrum, regardless of where you stand or what you believe in.”

The Washington Post admitted it, too, when a person told the publication, “It was the opposite of what they expected, and what they wanted.”

WaPo even noted how people picked up trash as they left the rally.


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