As the article notes below, this event is an exercise in left wing word salad.

From the College Fix:

Fun and excitement at U. Colorado Boulder’s ‘Imagined Borders’ conference

Beginning this Tuesday and running through Sunday, the University of Colorado Boulder’s Center for Media, Religion and Culture will be hosting the “Imagined Borders, Epistemic Freedoms” conference.

It includes the subtitle “The Challenge of Social Imaginaries in Media, Art, Religion, and Decolonality.”

Costing $250 for faculty and $150 for students, attendees will be treated to academics discussing the concept of walls and borders as “a reflection of a particularistic social imaginary, a linear compulsion of epistemic assumptions that sees the world through the logic of hierarchy, classification, difference, and ontological supremacy.”

*Yawn* If you have to get that cute with the language, it’s usually a good indicator you’re spewing drivel. After all, movements like Black Lives Matter and #MeToo represent a “decolonial injunction” where “absented” individuals have made their voices heard …? “Absented”??

If you can make it past the main event page and into the detailed program, you’re in for an even greater (linguistic) treat (/sarcasm). For example, featured speaker Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, “one of the most compelling Indigenous voices of her generation,” will “break open” for the audience “the intersections between politics, story and song—bringing audiences into a rich and layered world of sound, light, and sovereign creativity.”

I like my creativity “sovereign.” Wait, what?


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