The left seems to see racism everywhere. It’s like an obsession.

The College Fix reports:

UMass Amherst seminar: Healthcare is ‘centered within the oppressions of whiteness’

In just two weeks, the University of Massachusetts Amherst College of Nursing will host a “health ethicist and health humanities scholar” who will speak about how American healthcare is “centered within the oppressions of whiteness.”

With “Listening outside of whiteness: Make our bodies matter,” the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Em Rabelais claims that “we in these institutional spaces have been told for centuries—by Black, Indigenous, and other people of color, as well by the disabled, queer and trans* folx, and others—that health and healthcare is a contested political state, centered within […] white supremacy.”

Indeed, Rabelais’s main academic focus is “decentering whiteness,” according to her faculty page. (Dr. Rabelais actually uses “they/themself” pronouns, but for grammar’s sake we’ll keep it simple.) Here’s how this “decentering” is put into use:

Dr. Rabelais’s distinct ethics prioritizes critical resistance and identity-focused narrative approaches to purposefully center patient, community, and student narrative voices as the definers of whiteness’s oppressions in order to initiate dismantling the transmission of learned, enacted centered whiteness in these settings.

If that comes off as a bit, well, nebulous, perhaps this can help clarify:

Narrative ethics can make apparent actors’ positionalities within structural racism, white supremacy, and professionalisms while simultaneously identifying possibilities to re-create space, practice, and education as defined by those who are demanding the change.


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