We are approaching the witching hour in the Senate impeachment trial. It could all but end this week, or go on for weeks or months, depending on which way the media wind blows a handful of wobbly Republican Senators.

So far, the impeachment process has been a bad faith effort by Adam Schiff and crew, and that’s being charitable towards him.

As noted by me and others, Schiff’s strategy has been to ‘Kavanaugh’ the trial, to drag the process out by serial supposed ‘bombshells’ exploited for the purpose of justifying calling witnesses Schiff either never subpoenaed or never sought to compel the testimony of in the House.

It’s an attempt to make the trial process so miserable and chaotic that it becomes political punishment. It has zero to do with finding the truth, which is something Democrats never sought through their biased House process.

Lev Parnas, under federal indictment for providing false information, served the role of Julie Swetnick, making accusations made for MSNBC. Then a paraphrase of a section of John Bolton’s manuscript of his book was leaked to the NY Times — Bolton is Deborah Ramirez to follow through on the Kavanaugh analogy.

Today Democrat Representative Elliot Engel joined the circus, claiming that months ago Bolton made an admission to Engel expressing concern over the treatment of the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine (so what?). Engel, extending the Kavanaugh analogy, is the person who reported the fictitious Rhode Island boat incident.

The Schiff circus run should end this week. The handful of wobbly Republicans will look like the clowns if they capitulate to the Kavanaughing of the Senate trial.

Vote to dismiss, or move quickly to a verdict, guilty or not guilty.


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