Thursday, Sen. Martha McSally refused to answer a question from CNN reporter Manu Raju. In her refusal, she called him a “liberal hack.”

You can see that very brief, but watchworthy video here.

Shortly thereafter, someone in McSally’s camp registered the domain, and her re-election campaign was capitalizing on the quip.

Calculated, you say? Because, I don’t think that’s how it works. See also:

But suppose it was calculated. So what? Was she wrong? Does that make her allegation any less true? The internet is on the case!

Some people are mad and without the smallest whiff of irony, used McSally’s campaign opportunism to pitch for the other guy in the race:

And then there are those with a brain.


I mean, Nevertheless, she persisted… remember that gem? In any case.

In the McSally conspiracy, all of this leaves only one explanation — TIME TRAVEL.


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