If John has ten dollars, and I take eight of his dollars and give them to Jane, how much less oppressed is Jane?

The College Fix reports:

Math professor soliciting ideas for ‘#socialjustice’ textbook content

A math professor recently involved in a political controversy in academic mathematics has issued a call for “ideas” on how to “advance #socialjustice” in a mathematics textbook series.

Chad Topaz was one of the professors at the center of the uproar against Abigail Thompson, a math professor at the University of California, Davis, who recently wrote in opposition to required “diversity statements” in academia. Thompson derided the practice of diversity statements, referring to them as “using a political test as a screen for job applicants.”

Topaz, a mathematics professor at Williams College, played a prominent role in marshaling opposition to Thompson, telling activists to bombard UC Davis with “public shame,” announcing that he would urge his graduate students and undergrads to avoid applying to the institution, and offering a letter template for activists to mail into the American Mathematical Society, where Thompson is a vice president and in whose journal the essay appeared.

On Monday of this week, Topaz was further engaged in social justice activism, telling his followers on Twitter that he was potentially in line to receive an offer “to join the editorial board of a particular math book series,” that he would only do so as a means to “advance #socialjustice,” and that he was interested in fielding suggestions to that effect.


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