Several years ago, Dennis Prager launched Prager University, a YouTube series aimed at providing fact-based educational videos on history, civics, culture, and more. Prager’s aim was to counter the never-ending flow of anti-American and often wrong progressive views pushed on college campuses.

The videos have been viewed millions of times, and Dennis Prager must be doing something right because the left has noticed that he is having an impact.

Just read the caption in this tweet:

Nellie Bowles writes at the New York Times:

Right-Wing Views for Generation Z, Five Minutes at a Time

Will Witt walked through the University of California campus doing what he does professionally, which is trolling unwitting young liberals on camera.

He approached students who seemed like good targets: people with political buttons on their bags, androgynous clothing, scarves. It was safe to say that the vast majority here in the heart of progressive culture would be liberal. Mr. Witt, whose bouffant and confident smile make him look like a high school jock from central casting, told the students that he had a question for them. If they agreed to answer, and they usually did, the game was on.

“How many genders are there?” Mr. Witt asked before turning and staring deadpan at the camera. Some people laughed and walked away. Most, knowing the camera was rolling, engaged…

The goal of the people behind all of this — Dennis Prager, the conservative talk show host and impresario of this digital empire, and the venture’s billionaire funders — seems simple: more Will Witts in the world. More pride in American history (and less panic over racism), more religion (specifically in the “Judeo-Christian” tradition), less illegal immigration, more young people laughing at people on the left rather than joining them…

To the founders and funders of PragerU, YouTube is a way to circumvent brick-and-mortar classrooms — and parents — and appeal to Generation Z, those born in the mid-1990s and early 2000s.

Note how the New York Times is concerned about Prager University ‘circumventing’ parents, as if the faculty at UC Berkeley and other factories of progressive thought haven’t been doing that for generations.

Here’s an example of the radical content that’s causing such concern:

Finally, this post would not be complete without sharing some of the best responses to the New York Times tweet above. Fortunately, the fine folks at Twitchy have rounded them up:

It sure is.


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