Trump’s defense starts today in the Senate impeachment trial. For a preview of the arguments, read Trump’s Trial Brief.

Democrats wrapped up last night by name calling, with Jerry Nadler calling Trump a Dictator, and Adam Schiff quoting an unsourced CBS New report that Republican Senators getting their heads put on a pike if they vote against Trump, angering many Republican Senators at Schiff’s insulting conduct.

Republican Senators are showing signs of having grown backbones. Let’s see if it lasts.


It is expected that Trump’s defense will go for a 2-3 hours today, then a full day on Monday.

President Trump urges Americans to watch:

Money line from Pat Cippolone:

“For all their talk about election interference, that they’re here to perpetuate the most massive interference in an election in American history, and we can’t allow that to happen.”

The presentation is focused to what the Democrat House managers did not tell the Senate, including numerous quotes from witnesses showing that the snippets read by Schiff et al. were misleading and contrary to the truth of what the witnesses said.


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