President Donald Trump will announce his Middle East peace plan alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

It will take place at 12 p.m. ET in the White House East Room.

On Monday, Trump described the plan as a “suggestion” for both sides. He said the plan is what Palestinian leaders “should want,” but may not “want it initially.”

Trump admitted they will not “do the deal” without those leaders, but remained optimistic.

From The Wall Street Journal:

For instance, the plan envisions Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem, including areas Palestinians claim as the capital of a future independent state. The Palestinians would have control over some neighborhoods on outer parts of East Jerusalem and might control 70% to 80% of the West Bank. That would fall short of Palestinian demands, but the plan isn’t expected to rule out a Palestinian state.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged that Israel will annex much of the Jordan Valley—a portion of the West Bank bordering the country of Jordan—in effect encircling any potential future Palestinian state.

Trump administration officials have said Israelis and Palestinians won’t be forced to leave their homes as Israel expands its borders under the administration plan. Unlike past efforts, the Trump administration isn’t expected to seek compromises that would allow some Palestinians to return to land they or their families left after Israel’s creation or receive compensation for it.


You can read the Plan HERE.


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