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Faculty at Ohio University Protests Cuts to Budget

Faculty at Ohio University Protests Cuts to Budget

“President Duane Nellis said the university’s current commitments are not sustainable.”

Why do people think protests will change financial reality?

WCMH News reports:

Ohio University faculty protest proposed budget cuts

Ohio University leaders said the school has to change in order to survive financially.

But faculty members said budget cuts will mean fewer instructors, less research, and long-term damage to the University’s core mission.

Some faculty at the school held signs in protest Friday at a meeting of the university’s Board of Trustees.

Professor Joseph McLaughlin told WOUB that faculty members are experiencing a mixture of fear and anger over the administration’s plan to cut costs.

“All of the plans for the foreseeable future involve more firing of faculty and increasing the workload for existing faculty which is certainly going to impact the quality of education we’re able to give to students,” McLaughlin said.

President Duane Nellis said the university’s current commitments are not sustainable.

“We’re in a very solid financial situation right now, but we need to pivot into new ways relative to the evolving expectations of businesses, expectations relative to changes in quality of life,” Nellis said.

The administration said declining enrollments, pressure to minimize student debt, and other factors are contributing to the need for change.

Dave Scholl, president of the Board of Trustees, said the data is clear.

“You can’t turn a blind eye to that,” Scholl said. “I would argue that it’s not a crisis unless we don’t act and I think we’re in a financial position to be able to manage well.”


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They think the budget is a political item and they can change it with politics. The left never accepts that money is a finite resource.

And these geniuses are trusted to teach the next generation.

I used to work at a small liberal arts college — precious place — that was (and still is) circling the drain. That school is only surviving by taking new directions, cutting faculty where it could, and austerity. People who could make more elsewhere (like me) left and weren’t replaced.
That’s going to be the lot of the liberal arts college/university, like Ohio U., over the next decade or so. The business model isn’t viable.

Perhaps some of them have gotten “woke” and noticed the excess administrators standing around the ater coolers.

Many, if not most Leftists have difficulty with reality. Tenure facilitates this.

Memo for Ohio University faculty: Math always wins in the end. Always.

The Friendly Grizzly | January 20, 2020 at 8:59 am

Sciencd and the hard majors will be hardest-hit. I’m sure the grievance studies departments are safe.