This must have made any students who support Trump feel very equal and included. Just goes to show diversity administration in higher education is about the politics of the left.

Campus Reform reports:

Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer flashes Trump, McConnell profanity-laced sign

A head inclusion officer at one Michigan school is in hot water after appearing outside a Trump rally holding a profane protest sign.

On Dec. 18, President Donald Trump held a rally in Battle Creek, Michigan. During that time, Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer Jorge Zeballos of Kellogg Community College (KCC) protested, holding a sign that read, “F**K TRUMP, F**K McConnell, F**K GRAHAM,” outside the Kellogg Arena where Trump was speaking.

Zeballos posted a selfie of himself holding the sign on Facebook, then deleted it, according to multiple sources. However, at least one screenshot was acquired of Zeballos’ post before all traces were allegedly removed.

According to WBCK local news, Zeballos later acknowledged posting the selfie with a follow-up post.

“Recently I posted a picture on my [Facebook] page of me holding a sign at a rally to protest Trump’s visit to Battle Creek,” wrote Zeballos. “While I stand by my first amendment right to express myself, I understand that my public and private actions have repercussions on the institution I work for, Kellogg Community College. Because of this, I deeply regret posting the picture on my Facebook page and the controversy it has generated.”


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