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CNN Hires CNBC’s John Harwood, Who Was Caught Colluding With the Hillary 2016 Campaign

CNN Hires CNBC’s John Harwood, Who Was Caught Colluding With the Hillary 2016 Campaign

“regularly offered praise and assistance to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, including in the weeks before and after he moderated a Republican presidential debate”

Just when you thought CNN couldn’t possibly get any worse, the network is doubling down with an indefensible new hire. John Harwood of CNBC is now going to cover the Trump White House for CNN. That would be the same John Harwood who was caught exchanging questionable emails with Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

Harwood is also memorable as the absolutely most biased debate moderator of the 2016 Republican primary.

Tyler O’Neil writes at PJ Media:

Totally Not a Liberal Hack Network CNN Hires Liberal Hack John Harwood

Last week, Sen. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) dismissed CNN correspondent Manu Raju as a “liberal hack,” causing talking heads at the network to erupt in rage. CNN host Wolf Blitzer called it “disgusting.” Yet on Tuesday, CNN proved its liberal hack credentials by hiring former CNBC Editor-at-Large John Harwood.

“some personal news: this is my first day at [CNN] as White House Correspondent. honored and proud to join a team of journalists I’ve admired for so long,” Harwood announced on Tuesday morning.

If anyone is a liberal hack, it’s John Harwood. During the 2016 primary, Harwood moderated a Republican primary presidential debate. Before the debate, he asked Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta, “What should I ask Jeb?” This revelation came out in the WikiLeaks dump of Podesta’s emails in November 2016, days before the general election.

Yet even at the time, Harwood’s bias was palpable. During the debate, he asked Donald Trump, “Is this a comic-book version of a presidential campaign?”

No consequences and no shame, just a cushy new gig.

CNN wants you to believe this man can cover the Trump White House objectively. The same man who emailed Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta in 2015 asking what he should ask Jeb Bush.

The man who offered John Podesta advice on how to deal with Ben Carson.

Rudy Takala reported at the Washington Examiner, back in October of 2016:

Hacked: Emails reveal CNBC host regularly praising Clinton

Chief CNBC correspondent John Harwood regularly offered praise and assistance to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, including in the weeks before and after he moderated a Republican presidential debate, hacked emails revealed Monday.

The emails, illegally obtained from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and published by WikiLeaks, show that Harwood reached out to Clinton officials including Podesta, communications director Jennifer Palmieri and adviser Jake Sullivan to offer compliments and to offer at least one interview to Clinton that she would “want” to conduct.

“She looked so much more comfortable talking to Andrea today than to Brianna a few weeks ago,” Harwood wrote in a Sept. 4, 2015, email to Podesta, referring to CNN anchor Brianna Keilar and NBC’s Andrea Mitchell. “I think she’s over the hump. Knows she has to do this ad infinitum,” Podesta replied.

For months, people have been correctly suggesting that when it comes to media bias, they’re not even trying to hide it anymore.

With this hire, CNN has taken it a step further. They’re now rubbing our faces in it.


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G. de La Hoya | January 22, 2020 at 7:32 am

I would immediately revoke his press based upon what is known. Sadly, in the infotainment industry, it is standard practice among many 🙁

(dated 12 June 2019)

In case you didn’t know, concerning that last slogan suggestion, the Post actually considers its editors and writers — along with other select FNM media elites — as “ruling class journalists,” a class of humans that rank above others. The Post revealed this in a rare “confession” (or boast) by the Post’s own ombudsman, Richard [sic, John] Harwood, back in October 1993. In an extraordinary column, entitled “Ruling Class Journalists,” [John] Harwood confirmed the existence of the Deep State, the unelected, unaccountable permanent government that has usurped control over our country.

Harwood pointed particularly to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which he described as “the nearest thing we have to a ruling establishment in the United States.” It is that, certainly, and most American members of Bilderberg are also members of the Council. Harwood listed some of the then-current members:

The president [Clinton] is a member. So is his secretary of state, the deputy secretary of state, all five of the undersecretaries, several of the assistant secretaries and the department’s legal adviser. The president’s national security adviser and his deputy are members. The director of Central Intelligence (like all previous directors) and the chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board are members. The secretary of defense, three undersecretaries and at least four assistant secretaries are members. The secretaries of the departments of housing and urban development, interior, health and human services and the chief White House public relations man, David Gergen, are members, along with the speaker of the House and the majority leader of the Senate….

“This is not a retinue of people who ‘look like America,’ as the president once put it, but they very definitely look like the people who, for more than half a century, have managed our international affairs and our military-industrial complex,” Harwood wrote. Indeed.

Harwood, who was himself a CFR member, acknowledged that the Council, besides having achieved a lockhold on the federal government, had also, in effect, achieved a virtual monopoly over the media, with leading media mavens not only gracing the CFR membership roster, but also serving as directors of the globalist group. Harwood listed some of the more well-known CFR “journalists” of that time, noting: “In the past 15 years, council directors have included Hedley Donovan of Time Inc., Elizabeth Drew of the New Yorker, Philip Geyelin of The Washington Post, Karen Elliott House of the Wall Street Journal, and Strobe Talbott of Time magazine.”

His own Washington Post was well represented, he observed: “The editorial page editor, deputy editorial page editor, executive editor, managing editor, foreign editor, national affairs editor, business and financial editor and various writers as well as Katharine Graham, the paper’s principal owner, represent The Washington Post in the council’s membership.”

Harwood further expounded:

The executive editor, managing editor and foreign editor of the New York Times are members, along with executives of such other large newspapers as the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times, the weekly newsmagazines, network television executives and celebrities — Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and Jim Lehrer, for example — and various columnists, among them Charles Krauthammer, William Buckley, George Will and Jim Hoagland.

The membership of these journalists in the CFR, said Harwood, is an acknowledgment of “their ascension into the American ruling class. They do not merely analyze and interpret foreign policy for the United States; they help make it.” They are, in other words, not truly journalists, but propagandists and cover-up artists for the Deep State “ruling class.” Their careers, their fame, their fortunes, their coveted access all depend on their continued, slavish service to the Deep State.

CNN wants you to believe this man can cover the Trump White House objectively.

Well Mike, nothing they do is objective, so why should this guy be any different?

They keep digging a deeper hole. Good.

CNN is the network of pettifoggers!! There,, I said it.

I see this as a signal that Hillary is in the bullpen. Warren has no voters. Bernie is at tharpt stage in his campaign when the party tosses him overboard.

Biden has the most supporters, but he’s being impeached.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Petrushka. | January 22, 2020 at 2:20 pm

    Buy your popcorn futures now for when Hilary steals the nomination form Bernie the 2nd time!


Another apple in CNN’s rotten cart.
In this case, an apple is an apple.
Rotten to the core.

I guess there can never be too many talentless left wing shills on the CNN team.

CNN? That is the channel you see in airports? The one with the serious looking white haired gay guy?

Given that nobody here even watches CNN (and given the ratings, neither does anybody else), I don’t know why anybody should care.

His most outstanding features are his crooked wig and empty crooked character. a PERFECT MATCH for CNN (Crooked and Netherworld News).

As a CNBC watcher, I’m delighted Harwood is leaving. The mute button on my remote will get a vacation. Funny thing is, Harwood is a Wall Street Journal alum; so is Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS. What is it about that place that produces such rascals?