Questions have surfaced over who leaked the manuscript of John Bolton’s book. How did it get out? Gee, why would it come out now?

The Washington Examiner Chief Political Correspondent Byron York found something interesting in the timeline.

The manuscript did not contain a little classified information. Bolton put in “significant amounts of classified information.” Not only that, but some of that classified information has the TOP SECRET label.

So who leaked it to The New York Times? Obviously, with that many markups, it would take longer to edit, which means a pushed back publish date.

Bolton? Another member of the NSC? One of the guys who reviewed the book for classified information?

And people wonder why Trump is protective of information. I’m shocked no one has leaked to the press how many times he uses the bathroom a day. I mean, we all know the man loves two scoops of ice cream!

Bolton Letter by M Mali on Scribd


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