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Yale Students Respond to Trump Anti-Snowflake Site by Launching ‘Snowflakes Fight Back’ Site

Yale Students Respond to Trump Anti-Snowflake Site by Launching ‘Snowflakes Fight Back’ Site


The Trump campaign recently launched a site to help supporters argue with liberal snowflakes. In creating this rebuttal site, aren’t Yale students admitting they are snowflakes?

Newsweek reports:

Yale College Students Rebut Trump Campaign Website With ‘Snowflakes Fight Back’ Site of Their Own

The “original snowflakes” themselves are responding after the Trump campaign launched a website aimed at equipping its supporters with arguments to win debates against liberal “snowflakes they encounter during the holidays.”

The Yale College Democrats have unveiled a website called that is chock-full of rebuttals to “equip our fellow ‘snowflakes’ to respond intelligently and accurately” when discussing politics with Trump-supporting friends and family.

“We’re not just going to give up on these conversations, as frustrating as they might be,” Molly Shapiro, president of Yale College Democrats, told Newsweek by phone. “We’re not going to let [Trump] get away with these false statements.”

The idea is to “claim back” the snowflake title, she said, highlighting the characterization that attendees of her elite institution received from critics in the wake of the 2016 election. Trump’s election spawned protests at colleges and universities across the country, and lectures and exams were canceled because students allegedly were too upset to attend class.


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Something comical about imagining a snowflake fight ?

Snowflakes of the World Unite. Together we can form a mighty blizzard. What’s that in the distanc? A snow blower! AAAARGH! Melt Away, Melt Away.

Claim back the snowflake title? These people are the unrealized punchlines.

That is the very definition of a snowflake, that they need someone else to tell them what to think.

And these losers represent the future of America? We are so screwed…

these clowns don’t stand a snowflakes chance in hell…


After visiting this website it seems like it will be very easy to rebut their rebuttal.