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Trump rewriting the “Impeachment” script

Trump rewriting the “Impeachment” script

Trump is in the political dogfight of his life

I was a guest this week on the Canto Talk show, with conservative pundit Silvio Canto, Jr.

While the last show of the year is traditionally our Christmas show, we couldn’t let the session go by without discussing the impeachment vote.

Just prior to the podcast, I had an inspiration after viewing the trailer for Top Gun 2.

I do not believe the impeachment vote against President Donald Trump is going to harm him historically or politically. In fact, the move by the Democrats plays into a script Americans seem to love.

Early in 2016, I predicted Trump was likely to win because he was an entertainer; therefore, he didn’t have to spend much time introducing himself to the American public. He could, instead, focus on his policies.

But beyond that, I believe he prepared himself by presenting himself as the rebellious anti-hero type who upends the “norms,” overcomes huge obstacles, wins a significant victory for the country he loves, and gets the girl. Therefore, his “norm” is challenging “the norms.”

He is rather like the Tom Cruise character, Maverick. As a reminder, “Top Gun” was a huge hit in 1986.

Top Gun did not endear itself to critics when it opened May 16, 1986 — it still scores an anemic 55% positive rating on aggregate review site

But the slick, MTV-influenced production and power soundtrack (including Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone) was enough to soar to $357 million worldwide and push its cast of stars to new celebrity heights. Cruise locked in his role as an international superstar, while his castmates’ profiles rose — Anthony Edwards(Maverick’s sidekick Goose), Kelly McGillis (his love-interest/civilian flight instructor Charlie) and Val Kilmer (as rival pilot Iceman).

“Talk about being in the right place at the right time with the right material. Everything aligned for Top Gun,” says film historian Leonard Maltin.

Top Gun’s enduring popularity is tied to Maverick’s struggle to reach his pilot dreams, says producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

To be honest, while all the girls I know were crushing on Cruise, I myself fell in a little in love with the Val Kilmer character, Iceman. Iceman was a rival who ended up respecting and assisting Maverick during a crisis in the film.

The Iceman role in this analogy is clearly taken by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. He gave a rebuke of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat caucus that was so chilling that the next Congress will be worried about global cooling.

In the Trump campaign sequel, Pelosi may have given the Republican Party a national issue to tie all the congressional races together. As House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy notes, a new Congress can expunge the impeachment that just occurred.

On Fox and Friends this morning, McCarthy was asked what people would be saying about this day 20 years from now…

McCarthy said,

Well, I think [the people will] just brush this aside. Maybe a future Congress would even expunge this vote. This is the because it is the thinnest fastest weakest impeachment in American history. The speaker admits for the last 2-1/2 years she’s been trying to impeach this president.

Trump will turn the impeachment attack against his opponents, while taking steps to prevent this travesty from occurring again to another president. Meanwhile, he has the enduring support of tens of millions.

Terry Lee Ebert Mendoza is a founding member of the Trumpettes and has also been a guest on Canto Talk. Here is her report from Florida, a key state in the 2020 election.

Just saw a sight to warm my heart. Driving home from Jupiter doctor, on Okeechobee Blvd overpass, were hundreds of Trump supporters, in the wind and cold (for us 70 is cold), waiving American flags and Trump flags. Don’t for one moment, think that this impeachment crap has affected his support. On the contrary, I have seen hundreds of posts from disgusted Democrats who are leaving that party in droves, and joining the Republican party; the party of sanity.

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, this was seen at the Los Angeles area Loyola Marymount University.

If an election season were ever going to be a political dog fight that will keep us on the edge of our seats, it will certainly be this one.

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Nooooo the Iceman, Val Kilmer was so hot that the Turtle just can’t be the Iceman!

Prison for Pelosi

legacyrepublican | December 21, 2019 at 6:24 pm

The one thing I keep reflecting on is that the woman who is third in line to the presidency should something unforeseen happen is aggressively pursuing impeachment.

Our founding fathers recognized that impeachment needed to be less political and set up the line of succession through the Secretary of State to ensure that the Speaker of the House, in calling for impeachment would have no dog in the hunt.

By denying due process and attempting to rig the outcome in the Senate, she has shown her true colors along with every other Demoncrat who voted alongside her.

I would and will keep pounding that message to everyone until it sinks in that this is nothing short of a Coup d’Etat attempt.

    Our founding fathers recognized that impeachment needed to be less political and set up the line of succession through the Secretary of State to ensure that the Speaker of the House, in calling for impeachment would have no dog in the hunt.

    That is just not true. They did no such thing. The constitution leaves it to congress, and the plan congress eventually came up with was that if the presidency and vice presidency were both vacant there should be a special election, and that in the meantime the president pro tem of the senate, or in his absence the speaker of the house, should act as president.

So when was it changed to Speaker being 3 rd in line?

If the Republicans take it back, maybe it needs to be changed back to original intent

    herm2416 in reply to gonzotx. | December 21, 2019 at 7:35 pm

    The Speaker is second in line; the VP is first in line.

    Milhouse in reply to gonzotx. | December 21, 2019 at 7:45 pm

    legacyrepublican is wrong about the original intent. There was no original intent by the founders. They left it to congress, who put the president pro tem of the senate and then the speaker of the house third and fourth, but only until a special election could be held.

    The system legacyrepublican refers to, under which the order of succession went straight from the vice president to the secretary of state and thence through the cabinet in order of the departments’ seniority, was in place from 1886 to 1947. It was changed in 1947 to restore the senate’s president pro tem and the house’s speaker, but in the opposite order, and got rid of the never-used provision for a special election. The reason for the change was that Harry Truman felt it was inappropriate for the president to appoint his own successor.

I like the analogy. For a long time I’ve thought Trump would wait until the spring to go on the offensive and I imagine it will put the Dems on their heels – thus far, I have the impression he’s just been toying with them – like holding back and petulant child with a hand on the forehead while it flails at the air.

The Dems don’t seem to give him any credit for intelligence, strength, gamesmanship, etc. I figure Trump and his inner circle have been working behind the scenes for 3 years and have made their own insurance policy. Not a plot like Stuck and Page – rather an investigation of the corruption and quid-pro-quo machine that is DC and he’ll announce the findings one way or other. I prefer the announcement happen in Trump’s 2nd term and through the court system, prosecuting the thieves and traitors. If ousted, I figure a tell all book will awaken conservatives even more to continue the fight.

    MrE in reply to MrE. | December 21, 2019 at 6:45 pm

    PS- as far as scripts go, I hope PDJT hammers the “right to a speedy trial” issue and that by foot-dragging, the constitutional protecting (cough) Dems are denying Trump his constitutional right.

First, PDJT is not in the fight of his political life alone: we’re his poltical army, and we’re analgous to the American army after Pearl Harbor.

Second, speaking of analogies: Filthy Pelosi is the kelly mcgillis charactor – as mcgillis is now: unrecognizable.

American Human | December 21, 2019 at 7:47 pm

If any real actual pilot had done what Maverick had done i.e. turn tail and run. Even though he came back, he’d never get near a military aircraft ever again.

Loved Val Kilmer in “Top Secret” – – Skeet Surfin’!

I always thought Cruella DeVille would make a fine Nancy Pelosi.

Impeachment is a participation trophy for snowflakes.

PDJT defeated a big field of well thought of or well entrenched establishment Republicans. The msm continually danced with glee and announced his demise when he said something impolitic/politically incorrect. He took on the biggest political juggernaut in American history, hillary clinton, and crushed her. Then he went on to keep many of his campaign promises. He is historic in so many ways. The democrats think this sham impeachment “stains” his legacy, or puts an asterisk by his name. But it will be another factor in creating and maintaining the Legend of President Donald J. Trump.

I think we have to stop telling the democrats that this absurd impeachment is political suicide. Why help them at all? They won’t listen. They are the party of nuts. They were so happy to make Trump a victim. People who hated Trump are now thinking of voting for him.

Good article Leslie with some good insights. Thanks.

Question: What is the drop dead date for the Impeachment Articles? January 3, 2020 or January 3, 2021?

Congress meets for 2 years comprised of two sessions which end on January 3. I keep reading that the articles expire after the end of this Congress. The end of everyone’s two-year term or the end of each session?

If the answer is 2021, then maybe Pelosi’s ploy is to use the Articles as a campaign strategy to redirect next year into taking back the Senate and finishing the impeachment when Trump wins in a landslide? That would explain why they can’t field a serious candidate for next year. They have already conceded but are throwing a hail mary to win the Senate?

    The deadline is Jan 3 2021, but your scenario makes no sense.

    1) Removing him after his reelection be futile (he’d still be inaugurated for his second term on Jan 20)

    2) Your scenario depends on the Dems retaking the senate, with enough of a margin that they can get enough Rs to make up the 2/3 needed, but if that were to happen he’d be unlikely to be reelected

    3) The fatal flaw in your scenario is that the Dems can’t retake the senate before Jan 3.

AF_Chief_Master_Sgt | December 22, 2019 at 12:58 pm


The only impeached president who stained anything was Clinton, and that was a blue dress. ?


The Screaming D’s decided to conduct a media show trial against the arguably most successful reality TV emprisario in history.

Truly clever. What did they think would happen?

The delicious part is they made this possible, indeed inevitable.

Finally converting the Kennedy image and role as youthful redeemer God-King, The designated Lightbringer(*), sold complete with highly-crafted, archetypal imagry (of stolen, or at least “borrowed” IP, for both the famous “O” and the semi-profile icon, begging to be hung on a wall above incense), elevated spectacle uber-alles.

Politicians exaggerate. To un-self-consiously proclaim “this is the day the planet begins to heal”, before greek columns, is something else.

Of course The Lightbringer’s healing presence was such that, well, the actual “healing” took a passle of regulations, mandates, authorities, accords, and more — not so magical a God-King, it seems. That the columns were styrofoam props is just too, too on point.

When winning means spectacle, that’s what you get, though the specatcle might not be yours. (If anybody’s counting, the Screaming D’s touted Oprah as a candidate, more than once, before The Lightbringer made his move. Entertainer-in-chief was a character on offer long before The Donald. But you have to be, you know, entertaining.)

The Orange Crush is funnier than all of them.

(*) President Obama, when I refer to him directly — deference to the office, n polity. When referring to the person, not the office, well, it’s all fair game, including even stuff his sycofants proclaimed.

Mitch McConnell is a fascinating and historical character in American politics. In 200 years they’ll still be talking about him, an incredibly effective leader in the Senate. He’s a vital partner to Trump.

He wrote in his book that he was born to be Majority Leader and has no interest or talent for being President.

If this is a “Dog Fight,” the Don is a pit bull and the House is a poodle. Trump is a meld of John Wayne and JR Ewing. You either love him or love to hate him.