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Washington College Students March to Protest Microaggressions and Biases

Washington College Students March to Protest Microaggressions and Biases

“idea for the protest sprung from the Diversity Committee”

This sounds so much like a parody but it is sadly real.

The College Fix reports:

Washington College students march to protest ‘microaggressions and biases’

Students at the small, private Washington College on Maryland’s Chester River took to the streets earlier this month to protest racism … in a general sense.

According to The Elm, the march was meant “to inspire the community to embrace everyone in the learning community, celebrate differences, and declare the […] campus as a no hate zone.”

Student Government Association Secretary of Diversity and Culture Felicia Attor and Professor Elena Deanda-Camacho of the school’s Diversity Committee organized the event, with help from the Black Student Union and Washington College Democrats.

Attor said the march showed support to those who “encounter microaggressions and biases on a daily basis,” while Deanda-Camacho noted (unsurprisingly) the idea for the protest sprung from the Diversity Committee to address “recent tensions both on and off campus.”

Though the article doesn’t mention any specific incidents, a search of The Elm archives reveals two recent examples: On November 22 someone in pickup truck yelled racial slurs at a group of students, and a December 5 article discusses a “racist” painting hanging inside the college’s Bunting Hall.

There’s also the matter of the school canceling a student-directed play because it “could potentially upset some members of the campus community.” The production featured a satirical portrayal of the Ku Klux Klan.


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Just go live in Baltimore for a week, and before you know it you’ll be yelling racial slurs too.

I protest them too! It’s outrageous that we have whiny complaints of this magnitude in an environment that’s supposed to be reserved for grown ups.