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University Rejects Student Animal Rights Club Citing ‘Emotional Risk’

University Rejects Student Animal Rights Club Citing ‘Emotional Risk’

“has also denied other clubs on campus”

This just seems silly. If you treat college students like children, don’t be surprised when they behave like them.

Campus Reform reports:

Truman State denies student org because of ’emotional risk’ to students

A student at Truman State University in Missouri tried to start an animal rights club but the school rejected her request, citing “emotional risk.”

According to the students’ rights organization, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Truman State student Naomi Mathew, went through the process to start the Animal Alliance club by submitting an application, finding more than 10 interested individuals, and selecting an adviser.

According to a letter that FIRE wrote to the president of Truman State University, the school has “unconstitutionally denied recognition of a proposed student organization focused on animal rights or vegetarianism”.

FIRE also stated that a university that denies students’ rights to expression because of “emotional risk” is inconsistent with the First Amendment. The organization called on Truman State to change the policies and recognize the Animal Alliance and wrote out a statement of facts consisting of the school’s process for recognizing student organizations, emails from students, and public information relating to the case.

Truman State University has also denied other clubs on campus.

According to FIRE’s letter to the school, the Philosophy and Religion Club was rejected due to “risk management.” ARM was denied because it represented four religions, “which could cause issues within the organization”. Love Your Melon, an organization that works with a hat company for children with cancer was denied because “it was not differentiated from other groups on campus” and because of a fundraiser for cancer research was considered too “high of emotional and physical risk.”


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While I agree that FIRE is right and all those organizations should be recognized if any are, it’s still fun watching the left punch itself in the face.

The administrators may be worried that graphic images of animal processing in fur farms and slaughterhouses will upset sensitive snowflakes and lead to punitive lawsuits.

Given the number of organizations denied by Truman State, including a Religion and Philosophy Club, it would seem that Truman only admits the emotionally damaged and fragile. Apparently, it’s not so much a college as a therapy group.