Could this have anything to do with Florida’s high population of Baby Boomers?

Campus Reform reports:

UMiami warns students about using ‘dismissive’ phrase ‘OK Boomer’

The University of Miami is warning students of the implications of using the phrase “OK Boomer,” a term that the school says may be considered offensive.

The university recently called its students attention to the potentially problematic use of the “dismissive” phrase in a post by Associate Director, Communications & Public Relations Barbara Gutierrez published on the university news site. The post explained to students that the phrase that “may have debuted on the social platform TikTok” is perceived by “older folks” as a “manifestation of polarization and intolerance for diverse views,” an intolerance that the school points out “seems to be prevalent in today’s society.”

“Others blame it on pent up frustration by the newer generations who have inherited a planet plagued by the ravages of climate change, increasing student loan debt, and an economy that makes it difficult for them to lead independent lives,” explains the university.

While Gutierrez presents viewpoints of students and professors who both find the phrase offensive and those who do not, the post makes clear that the post is “dismissive” and meant to portray an entire generation as “out of touch,” and “technologically impaired.”

The warning includes a quote from history professor Donald Spivey who attests that he is proud to be considered a “boomer.”


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