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University of Miami Warns Students Against Use of the Phrase ‘OK Boomer’

University of Miami Warns Students Against Use of the Phrase ‘OK Boomer’

“manifestation of polarization and intolerance for diverse views”

Could this have anything to do with Florida’s high population of Baby Boomers?

Campus Reform reports:

UMiami warns students about using ‘dismissive’ phrase ‘OK Boomer’

The University of Miami is warning students of the implications of using the phrase “OK Boomer,” a term that the school says may be considered offensive.

The university recently called its students attention to the potentially problematic use of the “dismissive” phrase in a post by Associate Director, Communications & Public Relations Barbara Gutierrez published on the university news site. The post explained to students that the phrase that “may have debuted on the social platform TikTok” is perceived by “older folks” as a “manifestation of polarization and intolerance for diverse views,” an intolerance that the school points out “seems to be prevalent in today’s society.”

“Others blame it on pent up frustration by the newer generations who have inherited a planet plagued by the ravages of climate change, increasing student loan debt, and an economy that makes it difficult for them to lead independent lives,” explains the university.

While Gutierrez presents viewpoints of students and professors who both find the phrase offensive and those who do not, the post makes clear that the post is “dismissive” and meant to portray an entire generation as “out of touch,” and “technologically impaired.”

The warning includes a quote from history professor Donald Spivey who attests that he is proud to be considered a “boomer.”


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thalesofmiletus | December 31, 2019 at 11:05 am

Boomer privilege.

People who dream up this crap have WAY too much time on their hands!!!!!

“an economy that makes it difficult for them to lead independent lives”

I’m calling BS on that one. The problem isn’t that they can’t lead independent lives, the problem is that they can’t BEGIN an independent live at the level of comfort and ease with which they are accustomed.

They think that they should be able to move out of Mom and Dad’s basement and immediately move into an expensive apartment or condo and have big screen TV’s and $1000 cell phones with unlimited data plans and drive fancy cars.

I can only speak for myself, but I remember the early years when I lived in a ratty apartment and we “recycled” our moving boxes into furniture. When we couldn’t afford cable so we had a second-hand 13″ black and white TV with rabbit ears. When Hamburger Helper and boxed Mac N Cheese were staples of our meal planning.

All the things I have now didn’t come the day I stepped out of my parents house, they came after years of effort and living below our means to save for the future.

Any kids that think I should feel guilty about that will be sorely disappointed.

If Baby Boomers are guilty of anything, it’s creating the environment in which kids feel they’re entitled to a lifestyle they haven’t earned.

    daniel_ream in reply to Sailorcurt. | December 31, 2019 at 1:43 pm

    As the “cool uncle” to a number of my friends’ college-bound kids, I think the answer is somewhere in between (although admittedly closer to “lower your expectations” than “bad economy”).

    Things are demonstrably worse than when I was in university, but kids also have a lot more distractions and luxuries that they think are necessities.

    Sometimes all it takes is sitting down and showing them where their money is going month-by-month. Many of them have no idea how to track their expenses or manage their money. That I will blame the boomers for, because that’s their parents’ responsibility to teach them.

    ahad haamoratsim in reply to Sailorcurt. | December 31, 2019 at 2:45 pm

    All while saddled with half a million dollars in student debt from 6 years of intersectional grievance studies.

In my first apartment I had a set of bookshelves that we made out of cinder blocks and boards–no one expected to start off with everything new and expensive.

    Edward in reply to rochf. | January 4, 2020 at 12:41 pm

    Fancy book shelves = clean new bricks (freebie leftovers from house building), 1X12s and threaded rod, nuts and washers.

My first apt (while preparing to leave the Army and barracks life) I had a tv, footlocker to put the tv on, folding chairs and a folding table, and a futon mattress for furniture. I furnished it on a paycheck by paycheck basis – didn’t want debt or to use rent-to-own stores that end up costing you three times what it costs to purchase outright. Once furnished, even though I could afford the rent, I subletted the second bedroom. And this was in Arlington County VA, where housing was tres expensive.

If you do that and don’t student loan yourself into a hole getting a degree in (say) “XYZ studies” or other non useful degrees you can still move out of your parents basement.

ahad haamoratsim | December 31, 2019 at 2:42 pm

I wonder if they realize how closely their justifications mimic the justifications that my generation – the boomers – gave for rioting and destroying property? Our elders left us a world wracked by wars that we were being drafted to fight (without the right to vote), a polluted planet, a racist society, etc. Now what we unleashed is coming back in spades. Guess what, kids: EVERY generation gets handed an imperfect world. Humanity was kicked out of Gan Eden before the end of the first generation. And at the rate you are going, the world you are going to hand your kids (if you decide to have any) is going to look a lot worse than the world you inherited.

If we are going the first grade retort route, the response to “Ok, boomer” is “Yeah, well okay choomer”.

To me when someone says “ok boomer” it comes across as kind of like jealousy. They want to be where I’m at, but they haven’t put in the effort yet to put themselves on the path to being successful. They spend more than they save and think they need to spend thousands in school. Hey, blame Obama for all your years in school racking up debt. Most people I know that I have worked with stayed in school because they had no opportunities while he was President.So they stayed in school. So they have crazy debt now. When we left our parents we started with nothing, but through hard work and denying ourselves certain things that could have made things more comfortable,but would have created debt, we are where we stand today, in a very good place.

A young adult recently used the term on me; I completely distracted them my saying “Is that your phone?” I walked away as they, totally manipulated, did what we all know they did.

Any “university” and its administration – and that’s a majority of them these days – spooning wokeness with the globalist Trojan horse, spouting the kool aid, “a planet plagued by the ravages of climate change,” deserves the effete, fragile, brittle and spoilt, pecksniffian cohort of socially inept kids frozen in a permanently infantilised state welded to ‘likes’ and their screens, locked into their safe spaces and totally detached from reality. They are the cultivated product of the Left. Fortunately, they number far less than the vacuous noises they make with their opinions and slogan thinking.

“… frustration by the newer generations who have inherited a planet plagued by the ravages of climate change..:”

The serious difficulties young people faced during the Obama years were not due to climate change but to the radical anti-energy and anti-capitalist policies that our radical leftist Democrats justified with their radically anti-scientific climate change hoax.

They pretend that economic prosperity is causing dangerous global warming when the warming effect of human increments to CO2 is small and unambiguously beneficial. The only actual climate danger always has been and always will be GLOBAL COOLING.

Pre-1980, when the planet seemed to be cooling, the same commie “scientists” who today insist that global warming requires that capitalism be overthrown were then insisting that global cooling required that capitalism be overthrown. Now that a boomer president is uncorking energy young people are finally being done right by boomers.

Don’t block that conversation. Explain that it is only leftist boomers who suck.

Didn’t even think of Boomer as referring to anyone other than an OU student or alum. That’s what I get for being barely pre-baby boomer and attending college in Oklahoma.