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University of Manitoba Acquires Huge Collection of UFO Files

University of Manitoba Acquires Huge Collection of UFO Files

“accepted a large donation of documents from a prolific UFO researcher”

Calling all X-Files fans. Who wouldn’t love to sift through such a collection?

VICE News reports:

This University Just Acquired a Massive Collection of UFO Files

The frozen prairies of Canada have always been home to strange events and mysterious encounters. So it’s perhaps appropriate that the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg has just accepted a large donation of documents from a prolific UFO researcher confirming the province’s “unnatural history.”

Science writer and researcher Chris Rutkowski is a Canadian legend. Undoubtedly the country’s most prolific researcher and writer on UFOs and paranormal phenomena, Rutkowski was approached by the university’s archives and was asked to donate some of his collection to its library.

“I’ve been doing research and publishing in this field for more than 40 years. I’ve accumulated a lot of files, notes, books and zines over the decades, and I had always wondered what was going to happen to it all,” Rutkowski told Motherboard in an interview. “The Director of Archives had seen me on TV talking about the Falcon Lake case. She approached me and asked if I would consider donating the files…After discussing it more over dinner, I wondered out loud about the possibility of donating my entire collection. And that was that.”


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I willing to believe, but so far ..

Just Because You Think It is Aliens,
Doesn’t mean It is Aliens

Ancient Astronaut Theorist agree

The frozen prairies of Canada …

The reporter is apparently unaware that Manitoba has a summer, which is not only several months long, but warm and beautiful.

If you want to believe, check out a series of YouTube videos produced by the NY Post called “The Basement Office.” There are currently six videos, I don’t know if that’s all that will be produced and/or if the subject will change as the series continues, but right now it’s about UFOs, including some discussion of the US military’s interest in them and the now-famous Navy sightings.

But remember, trust no one.