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United Nations Climate Talks in Madrid Fail

United Nations Climate Talks in Madrid Fail

President Donald Trump is blamed for the collapse.

The U.N. annual climate conference in Madrid failed this weekend. It ran two days long because negotiators could not reach a consensus on how to move forward with carbon emission reductions or climate-based wealth distribution without the compliant United States.

President Donald Trump has received the blame as participants are worried that he will win reelection next year and follow through on his promises to continue the formal withdraw the U.S. from the international effort.

The talks exposed deep rifts among industrialized nations, fast-growing economies like China and India and the poorest countries – divides that the U.S. had helped bridge under former President Barack Obama in the run-up to the 2015 Paris climate accord. With Trump moving to pull out of the pact, delegates from many countries retreated behind their long-held grievances over how to bear the burdens of reducing greenhouse gases and preparing for the worsening effects of a changing climate.

The talks in Madrid dealt largely with technical issues, but raised questions about whether countries will unite to take aggressive steps without the diplomatic might of the U.S. to drive the process forward

Even with the teen climate activist Greta Thunberg threatening to put the world’s national leaders “against the wall” if they don’t “do their job and to protect our futures,” the principals could only work out a partial agreement. They asked the countries to come up with more ambitious targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions to meet the terms of the 2015 Paris Climate Accord.

Still, Thunberg’s remarks, delivered during an appearance in Italy, were so poorly received that she had to offer an apology…sort of.

Thunberg later explained she was making a literal translation from Swedish. She said the phrase in her native language means to hold people accountable, and clarified that her worldwide school strike movement ought to remain a peaceful protest on climate change.

..Thunberg traveled to Turin in an electric car after attending the COP25 climate conference in Madrid, where she had given a speech accusing world governments of “creative PR” over their climate change stances. She told reporters in Italy that she would be taking a break after the holidays following months of global climate activism in the United States and Europe.

It appears that the Paris agreement will be the high watermark for “climate consensus.”

Under the Paris accord, countries agreed in 2015 to work to limit global temperature rises to ‘well below’ two degrees Celsius through a series of voluntary action pledges that step up over time.

‘The one thing in Paris that gave us hope was that the deal is going to be strengthened over time,’ said Mohamed Adow, Director of Power Shift Africa, referring to the 196-nation Paris climate treaty.

‘If that doesn’t come through, Madrid will have failed.’

Finally, the Extinction Rebellion climate cult capped this remarkable mound of bureaucratic bungling with a massive pile of horse manure.

Green activists dumped horse manure and staged a mock hanging outside the venue of a U.N. climate summit in Madrid on Saturday, airing their frustration at the failure of world leaders to take meaningful action against global warming.

Led by grassroots group Extinction Rebellion, the actions were timed to coincide with the closing of the COP25 summit, where negotiators have been unable to agree on how to implement the 2015 Paris climate agreement.

….Twelve members of the group stood on melting blocks of ice, nooses drawn tight around their necks to symbolize the 12 months remaining until the next summit, when the Paris deal enters a make-or-break implementation phase.

Attached to the pile of manure was a short message to leaders saying “the horseshit stops here.”

It’s a good thing Trumpenfreude does not contribute to global warming. Otherwise, the temperatures on this planet would rival those of our sister planet Venus!


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Ha, Ha, Ha.

They don’t have the USA to kick around and steal from anymore, thanks to President Trump.

So now they just can’t agree on anything. Poor bastards.

What a farce. After Jugears the moron agreed to that sham Paris agreement they all thought they could sit around and decide how to divvy up the free money coming from our pockets. Screw you, you grifting commies.

    Tom Servo in reply to Paul. | December 17, 2019 at 5:55 pm

    Yup, I love this dry line: ” It ran two days long because negotiators could not reach a consensus on how to move forward with carbon emission reductions or climate-based wealth distribution without the compliant United States.”

    Without the US, there is NO “Wealth distribution” – that’s what they entire scam has been about! Redistributing US Wealth to the Grifters of the World!

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Paul. | December 18, 2019 at 4:04 pm

    You can say that again Phil!

ain’t that just about a DAMN shame?


They well and truly jumped the Ass. Hopefully, they can exonerate (h/t Obama) themselves. Let us bray.

They really need China and India to buy in but they are not interested in giving money to little noisy countries.

    Especially since the Paris Accord requires next to nothing out of China and India until 2030, by which time leading climate scientists AOC and Greta Thunberg tell us it will be too late. Furthermore, thanks largely to natural gas, the USA is the best performing country in or out of the Paris Accord. But that is not good enough, as it is our money that is the goal. As an aside, anyone really serious about the stated goal, rather than just getting money, would be pursuing nuclear power, especially fusion power – but they want to close nuclear down, preferring to tilt at windmills.

I wonder how long they stood on that melting ice before they chickened out?

No sucker to pick up the tab, the drunks wander home in the dark.


No goose stepped forward to be plucked.

to continue the formal withdraw the U.S. from the international effort.

I still don’t see what this “continue” garbage is. I’m aware of no treaty which obligates the US to do anything.

    GitOffMahLawn in reply to tom_swift. | December 18, 2019 at 8:18 am

    Exactly right. Earflaps the Petulant tried his “pen and phone” act and tried to commit the US to a treaty – not “accord” – without Senate sanction.

    Like most everything else that foppish dunce attempted, it failed.

If the green activists were actually sincere in their eco-passion, they’d have volunteered for real hangings.

Twelve members of the group stood on melting blocks of ice, nooses drawn tight around their necks

Nooses! Racism! White Supremacy! Trump! Did I mention Racism!?

“… the high watermark for … ”

Bravo, I appreciate the pun, intended or not. I think they need to hold the next meeting in Venice, so they can actually see the impact of rising waters. However, I think Venice’s problems are more man-made – building sites, altered water channels, and so on.

I read somewhere……..the buffet was set, but the man who pays the bills didn’t show..

It’s all about getting more money from Uncle Sam. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore.

This is an awesome result.

Yet another global meeting to save the environment in which the elite create a huge carbon footprint flying in on their private jets.

Paul In Sweden | December 17, 2019 at 9:02 pm

“United Nations Climate Talks in Madrid Fail”. Did they really fail? We must understand and remember that the United Nations IPCC is nothing more than an instrument of the Globalist United Nations which is constantly seeking treaties to legally bind the nations of the world to submit to the governance of their bureaucracy. COP25, the twentyfifth Conference of Parties. Did they PARTY, you bet they did. Who paid? We all pay for them to PARTY and to plot what they are going to do with our money and plan for their governance over the world.

Marxist Ottmar Georg Edenhofer has stated the following many times in many variations over the years:

“First of all, developed countries have basically expropriated the atmosphere of the world community. But one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy. Obviously, the owners of coal and oil will not be enthusiastic about this. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore.”

Wikipedia positions Ottmar Georg Edenhofer as one of the world’s leading experts on climate change policy, environmental and energy policy, and energy economics. Edenhofer currently holds the professorship of the Economics of Climate Change at the Technical University of Berlin. He is designated director and chief economist of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) as well as director of the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC). From 2008 to 2015 he served as one of the co-chairs of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group III “Mitigation of Climate Change”.

Among other functions, he is a member of the OECD Advisory Council “Growth, Investment and the Low-Carbon Transition”,[1] a member of the High-Level Commission on Carbon Prices,[2] a member of the Advisory Committee of the Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP), and a member of the German Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech). In July 2018, Professor Edenhofer was awarded the Romano-Guardini-Prize by the Katholische Akademie in Bayern.[3]

Ottmar Georg Edenhofer is no lightweight crackpot, he is a serious policy maker. He and his ilk have changed the world and made it clear that “Climate Change Policy” is most probably the greatest threat facing humanity today.

Grabbing headlines at this year’s COP25 was the Globalist George Soros funded Extinction Rebellion. They are one of the latest groups of useful idiots wrecking havoc around the globe and reaping praise and support by the leftist politburo MSM in every country. Can we really say that a Conference of Parties where globalists meet annually to network and literally plot World Domination is a failure, especially when we are the ones that pay for it? Yes, we pay for it more than we realize.

And another thing that seems to be left out of the news; COP25 was originally scheduled to be in Chile but due to civil unrest was moved to Madrid, Spain. That ‘Unrest’ in Chile was triggered in large part by “George Soros/US (Clinton Deep State) State Department” funding of ‘Civil Society’ programs. – WE REALLY NEED TO HEAR MORE ABOUT THESE ‘Civil Society’ PROGRAMS that Soros & the US STATE DEPT. are FUNDING. Soros/US State Dept. “Civil Society” programs were instrumental in the “Arab Spring”.

The “George Soros/(Clinton Deep State) US State Department” funded Civil Society programs train and coordinate activists & rebels in countries around the world to destabilize governments and incorporate them into Globalist governance. Take a look at what happened in Ukraine. “George Soros/(Clinton Deep State) US State Department” funded Civil Society programs trained and coordinated activists & rebels in Ukraine, successfully changing the government of Ukraine and in doing so a Soros/Clinton Foundation/US State Department Anti-Corruption Action Centre (AntAC) NGO was formed that has oversight and possibly supremacy over the Ukraine Parliament. What corruption does this Globalist Anti-Corruption NGO investigate? Well we can safely say that this Globalist Anti-Corruption Action Centre (AntAC) NGO is not investigating the missing $7 billion doled out and lost by the Clinton (Deep State) US State Department. Why are we not following the money? Cui Bono.

Global Warming is just another battle cry of the Globalists. COP25 is not a failure for the Globalists but is a failure to the idealists who are still deluded in thinking that UN Climate Policy and Climate Treaties have anything at all to do with the environment. They are all pawns of the Globalists that plan on winning by taking down one government at a time.

    That is an interesting perspective that “Climate Change” is not the real issue, but power and control. Could anyone questioning man-caused climate change come to another conclusion? Forecasts that have never come true ought to trouble everyone.

    Consistent with any serious effort on Climate Change might be recognition that the US has been the best performing country of size. Consistent with that would be shifting manufacturing from China back to the US and incentives to do so. Yet, switching production to benefit the climate seems hardly on the radar, which indeed ought to make one wonder about the real motives.

      Paul In Sweden in reply to jb4. | December 18, 2019 at 12:13 am

      The global warmists come right out and say that it is not about the environment. The global warmists say even if there is no evidence we must have binding climate treaties. It does not matter if it is Global Warming, Law of the Seas, Firearms treaties, whatever binds a nation to central power is the means to their global empire.

      “A global climate treaty must be implemented even if there is no scientific evidence to back the greenhouse effect.”
      -Richard Benedik US State Department working on assignment for the Conservation Foundation

      In the UK the Globalists forced parliament to implement insane CO2 commitments. Commitments that ignore the fact that burning wood and biodegradable material emits CO2 just like coal and oil. Science does not matter and global warming minions are fooled into believing in magic CO2 or good CO2 and bad CO2. That would only actually matter if CO2 had a dominant influence on our Global Temps, they do not. According to the UN IPCC water vapor and clouds are responsible for upwards of 95% of the Global Warming Greenhouse effect. CO2 according to the UN IPCC can only be attributed to a tiny fraction of the remaining 5% Greenhouse effect. The Global Warming Globalists want you to believe the tail wags the dog.

      venril in reply to jb4. | December 18, 2019 at 8:57 am

      Power and Control have always been the goals. “Climate Change” is just the most recent excuse to extend control.

    Don’t forget this UN official:
    Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, made a similar statement.
    “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,” she said in anticipation of last year’s Paris climate summit.
    “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history.”

    Same with the Green New Deal (AOC’s former chief of staff admits this):
    “The interesting thing about the Green New Deal, is it wasn’t originally a climate thing at all,” Chakrabarti said to Inslee’s climate director, Sam Ricketts.
    “Do you guys think of it as a climate thing?” Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing,” Chakrabarti added.


Donald Trump is CREDITED with the collapse


Vee do not like failure here is zee fascist UN. Up against zah vall mit you, greta.

Probably the only person who thought that something of substance would come out of this Cluster F*** was the woman running it.

Those who don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Can you say Kyoto Protocol?
No one was on the hook for any real action in that fiasco. Why should this be any different?

This is ALL virtue signaling so these idiot pols can say to their constituents, “See? We tried! But what can we do if no one supports this?”

Obligatory quote that is right on the money.

Bar Stool Economics

Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to $100. If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this:

The first four men (the poorest) would pay nothing.
The fifth would pay $1.
The sixth would pay $3.
The seventh would pay $7.
The eighth would pay $12.
The ninth would pay $18.
The tenth man (the richest) would pay $59.

So, that’s what they decided to do. The ten men drank in the bar every day and seemed quite happy with the arrangement, until one day, the owner threw them a curve. “Since you are all such good customers”, he said, “I’m going to reduce the cost of your daily beer by $20”. Drinks for the ten now cost just $80.

The group still wanted to pay their bill the way we pay our taxes so the first four men were unaffected. They would still drink for free. But what about the other six men – the paying customers? How could they divide the $20 windfall so that everyone would get his “fair share?”

They realized that $20 divided by six is $3.33. But if they subtracted that from everybody’s share, then the fifth man and the sixth man would each end up being paid to drink his beer. So, the bar owner suggested that it would be fair to reduce each man’s bill by roughly the same amount, and he proceeded to work out the amounts each should pay.

And so:

The fifth man, like the first four, now paid nothing (100% savings).
The sixth now paid $2 instead of $3 (33%savings).
The seventh now pay $5 instead of $7 (28%savings).
The eighth now paid $9 instead of $12 (25% savings).
The ninth now paid $14 instead of $18 (22% savings).
The tenth now paid $49 instead of $59 (16% savings).

Each of the six was better off than before. And the first four continued to drink for free. But once outside the restaurant, the men began to compare their savings. “I only got a dollar out of the $20,” declared the sixth man. He pointed to the tenth man, “but he got $10!” “Yeah, that’s right,” exclaimed the fifth man. “I only saved a dollar, too. It’s unfair that he got ten times more than I!” “That’s true!!” shouted the seventh man. “Why should he get $10 back when I got only two? The wealthy get all the breaks!” “Wait a minute,” yelled the first four men in unison. “We didn’t get anything at all. The system exploits the poor!” The nine men surrounded the tenth and beat him up.

The next night the tenth man didn’t show up for drinks, so the nine sat down and had beers without him. But when it came time to pay the bill, they discovered something important. They didn’t have enough money between all of them for even half of the bill!

And that, boys and girls, journalists and college professors, is how our tax system works. The people who pay the highest taxes get the most benefit from a tax reduction. Tax them too much, attack them for being wealthy, and they just may not show up anymore. In fact, they might start drinking overseas where the atmosphere is somewhat friendlier.

David R. Kamerschen, Ph.D.

Professor of Economics, University of Georgia

Gee, that’s to bad. The US wants there to pay the bar bill. Send it to the Chinese and the Indians.

What a parade of fools (including the obnoxious Swedish kid).

“… negotiators could not reach a consensus on how to move forward with carbon emission reductions or climate-based wealth distribution without the compliant United States.“

How about the biggest polluter, China, put on the big-boy money-bags pants

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | December 18, 2019 at 6:13 pm

Oddly enough PM addressed all the ills of these frauds meeting there in this “Speech to CNN World Economic Development Conference.”

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital. | December 18, 2019 at 6:14 pm
      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital. | December 18, 2019 at 6:17 pm

      Full speech on 17+ minutes video (I think it is the full speech).

        notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital. | December 18, 2019 at 6:19 pm

        Redduke Teleman’s comment about it is spot on!!!!!!!!!

        “More accurate than Nostadamus. Listen to her predictions about the Euro from around 13:00 onwards. What a remarkable Lady.”
        Prophetic Vision Regarding the Eurozone

        PM Margaret Thatcher: “If the divergence between different European economies is so great that even the ERM cannot contain them, how would those economies react to a single European currency? The answer is that there would be chaos of the sort which would make the difficulties of recent days pale by comparison.

        Hugh sums would have to be transferred from richer to poorer countries and regions to allow them to take the strain. Even then unemployment and mass migration across now open frontiers would follow. And a full-fledged Single currency would allow no escape hatch.

        The political consequences can already be glimpsed: the growth of extremist parties, battening on fears about mass immigration and unemployment, offering a real — if thoroughly unwelcome — alternative to the Euro-centrist political establishment.

        If in addition you were to create a supra-national European federation, and the people could no longer hold their national parliaments to account, extremism could only grow further.

        It is time for the European politicians to sit up and take note. Time to stop their endless rounds of summits — summitry is fast becoming a substitute for decision-making — and observe the reality around them.

        There is a growing sense of remoteness, an alienation of people from their institutions of government and their political leaders. There is a fear that the European train will thunder forward, laden with its customary cargo of gravy, towards a destination neither wished nor understood by electorates. But the train can be stopped.

        Tomorrow, the French people will vote on the future of Europe. It is not for me to instruct them on French interest. But I must stress that the referendum is not a vote on whether we should have a European Community — but on what kind of European Community it should be………”

These people can’t keep the potholes fixed and we’re supposed to reward them with more money because they tell us they can save the planet? LOLOLOL.

Re the conference subject:
“You have to be an intellectual to believe such nonsense. No ordinary man could be such a fool.” Or in on the grift.