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Trans and Non-Binary Students Reportedly ‘Uncomfortable’ in Swarthmore Campus Housing

Trans and Non-Binary Students Reportedly ‘Uncomfortable’ in Swarthmore Campus Housing

“all of the gendered language was screaming at me”

It almost sounds like nothing would ever be good enough here.

The College Fix reports:

Swarthmore College trans, non-binary students feel ‘uncomfortable’ in campus housing

Transgender and non-binary students at Pennsylvania’s small Swarthmore College still do not feel “comfortable” and “accommodated” in campus housing despite gender-neutral options being readily available.

For instance, according to The Phoenix, “genderqueer” student Hannah Sobel initially believed she would be fine on an all-women’s dorm floor, but began to feel “emotionally burdened” by the “gender-exclusive environment.”

“I thought it would be okay, because I present pretty feminine, and I am generally comfortable being referred to as feminine or female, and that’s still something I’m working through,” Sobel said. “But living there every day, I kind of realized all of the gendered language was screaming at me, like walking into the door every single night seeing ‘Hall of Women Warriors,’ especially when sometimes the word woman can make me very uncomfortable.”

Sobel also took issue with her dorm’s rule on men not being permitted on the premises after 10pm, noting some of her friends who are transitioning feel “invalidated.”

“What is the definition of men?” Sobol asked her residence assistant. The actually RA made the, er, mistake of responding: Men are “those people who have the ability to comfortably use the urinal and/or need to raise the toilet seat in order to urinate.”

People with penises … are men?? Who knew.


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The Friendly Grizzly | December 10, 2019 at 12:50 pm

Uncomfortable? Go home.

She definitely belongs to that third gender: mentally ill.

    chocopot in reply to MajorWood. | December 11, 2019 at 10:01 am

    And sadly, that group is growing larger by the day, thanks to Leftist control of the media, the education establishment, and the popular culture. We are producing millions of brainwashed, indoctrinated, and deranged children who never grow up and are incapable of dealing with reality because they have been lied to their entire lives – about almost everything.

Grow up! I venture to say that every person in the world, at some point in their hour, day, and week, feels “uncomfortable.“ it’s called life! Get off your fat a$$, and get used to it!

Let them live on the street.

F**k ’em.

“Swarthmore College trans, non-binary students feel ‘uncomfortable’ in campus housing”

Fine, go live in a cave by yourself.

IT is a sad commentary that I must point out that men have testicles I addition to one penis.

Poor Hannah, her parents and the taxpayers paying all that money, god forbid she should be uncomfortable. I mean, everyone goes to college not to learn stuff, but to be comfortable. Bah!