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Pomona College Hosts “Decolonizing Physics” Event

Pomona College Hosts “Decolonizing Physics” Event

“composed of mandatory student presentations”

Science is not safe from the social justice agenda of the campus left. This is just the latest example.

The College Fix reports:

Elite college requires physics students to ‘decolonize’ the academic field (again)

If you want to focus on physics when studying physics, consider avoiding Pomona College.

The elite member of Southern California’s Claremont Consortium hosted its third annual “Decolonizing Physics” symposium this week, composed of mandatory student presentations on decolonization as well as “microaggressions, implicit bias and other topics,” the Claremont Independent reports.

The projects are required for all students in Introductory Astronomy and Foundations of Modern Physics, even though neither class description mentions them. The latter class is a requirement for all intended physics majors.

The Facebook page for the symposium, hosted by professors Jorge Moreno and Janice Hudgings, says surprisingly little about the content of it, other than it will feature “tacos” and “all are welcome.”

The Independent revealed the mandatory project in a March 2018 article, based on a student’s email from the previous fall asking a campus listserv for help on completing the student’s Decolonizing Physics project on “persons of color and women in STEM.”

The newspaper said the physics department ignored its queries for nearly two months, even as “[m]ultiple anonymous sources” confirmed the project’s existence.

The department advertised the sequel to the first year’s projects a year ago, prompting another Independent article and another non-response from Prof. Moreno. One student told the newspaper he had dropped Moreno’s class because he told “folks with white or male privilege” to not talk, so that others would “feel comfortable enough to talk and ask questions.”


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The problem with “decolonizing physics” is that its supporters are not serious.

If they were serious, they would remove from the physics curriculum all facts, principles, and discoveries made by Europeans. Then they would teach only what’s left. It would also be a lot cheaper, since there would be almost nothing to teach.

I am sure someone will write how Newton was a rayciss misogynist because he used neither a Fuji nor a Granny Smith.

other than it will feature “tacos” and “all are welcome.”

You can tell that they’re living in a dream world right there.

Everybody knows that on the real Planet Earth, all STEM departments are powered exclusively by donuts.

Tacos simply aren’t a factor.

The Friendly Grizzly | December 14, 2019 at 7:07 am

Three hundred million meters per second is a white male construct.

Fifty years ago when I studied physics in college I was informed that not only was 9.8 m/second squared a good idea, it was the law.
Oh how things have changed and not for the better.

Well, they already infested the liberal arts quite effectively, so here we go on science and math.