I had no idea Walmart does this. Apparently, the company provides toys and gifts to police departments to help families who lose gifts in robberies.

That’s what happened in Oklahoma City on December 23.

The Oklahoma City Police Department posted on Facebook that Sgt. Laguerre “responded to a home burglary” on December 23.

The robber stole all of the presents for the kids of a single mother.

Walmart and the OKCPD made sure the kids had a proper Christmas:

As it so happens, Walmart had donated a large quantity of toys to the police department for situations like this. Thanks to the generosity of Walmart, Sgt. Laguerre was able to deliver toys to the victim’s home on Christmas Eve. He led the victim to believe he was returning to do some follow-up investigation. Upon arriving he surprised the victim and her kids with the toys. Sgt. Laguerre said the victim was speechless. He stayed while the kids opened presents and enjoyed the moment with the family. Sgt. Laguerre said, “This is what connects us with the communities we serve” and described his experience as the best Christmas gift he could have received.

Sgt. Laguerre said doing this for the family was “the best Christmas gift he could have received.” He also said providing help to families in these situations “connects us with the communities we serve.”

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