This is an update to a story we ran recently. Read the full back story here.

FOX News reports:

ICE releases footage purportedly proving migrants knew enrollment at fake university was illegal

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is defending itself amid claims that it unfairly enticed migrants into enrolling in a fake university so they could falsely maintain their student visa status.

Fox News previously reported on the backlash ICE received as several news outlets reported that the agency recently arrested dozens more students at the University of Farmington — a fake university set up as part of a broader federal effort to expose immigration fraud.

“These reports mischaracterized the purpose and rationale for the investigation, and I want to set the record straight,” ICE Acting Deputy Director Derek Benner said in a news release on Friday.

Along with Benner’s statement, ICE presented video evidence purporting to show students acknowledging that their enrollment was illegal.


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