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Gallup: Trump Approval Up to 45%, Support for Impeachment Down Six Points

Gallup: Trump Approval Up to 45%, Support for Impeachment Down Six Points

Independents approval of Trump has gone up since October.

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives will vote on the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump this afternoon.

While it will surely pass, the American people have made it known that they still support Trump and not the impeachment.

Trump Approval Rating

The House opened the impeachment inquiry this fall. Since then, Trump’s approval rating has slowly inched up.

Trump sits at 45%, up six points since October. Not surprisingly, Republicans approve of the president a lot more than Democrats (89% to 8%).

The Independents have changed:

Less than half of political independents approve, but the current 42% is up from 34% at the start of the impeachment hearings and matches their highest rating of Trump so far.

It looks like the impeachment inquiry against Trump has not affected the view of the American people. The economy remains strong, each month brings in more jobs, and unemployment is tied at an all-time low.

In other words, people care more about their daily lives and the economy.

Impeachment and Removal

Gallup also found a drop in support for impeachment and removal of Trump.

As stated above, the impeachment inquiry began this fall. Since that period, more and more people do not approve of impeaching and removing Trump.

Only 46% support impeachment and removal, down from 52% in October when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry.

Democrats outweigh the Republicans in supporting impeachment, 85% to 5%.

The impeachment fiasco has also lost support among Independents, which has gone down since October. Gallup held two polls that month with Independents showing at 55% and 53%.

In November, the number dropped to 45%. The number went up to 48% in this poll, but it’s still below the 50% mark.


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I wonder if this survey takes any part of the Walkaway movement into account?

    papabear in reply to Valerie. | December 19, 2019 at 8:21 am

    I’m sure these surveys take place on the LEFT and N.E. Coasts, I live in Montana and get more B.S. sales calls than you can imagine but NEVER have I gotten a Survey call about our President.

And that is after near 100% negative reporting!


What the public thinks has nothing at all to do with anyone’s removal from office via impeachment. That’s controlled entirely by the Senate and nobody else.

And this “approval” number is meaningless. The only relevant question is how someone plans to vote. I’ve voted for a load of presidents, but until DJT, the last president I actually “approved” of was Coolidge. But that didn’t stop me from voting.

I am going to bring up one on my favorite tropes: polls like this one, which are based upon “all adults”, must be viewed as highly suspicious at best and pure disinformation at worst.

Any poll of all adults is based upon what the polling organization thinks are the demographics of the population at large, be it a small area or the entire country. But in the hands of someone dishonest the demography can be whatever the organization wants. And since such a poll is by definition unfalsifiable, the deceit is never caught and the perps held up to ridicule.

That is why close to an election polling organizations switch from polls of “all adults” or even “registered voters” to “likely voters”. Unlike the former two, a poll of likely voters is an effort to determine who will actually show up based upon past history. A poll of likely voters is falsifiable, which makes it real science as compared to the other two, which cannot be verified.

But is there any evidence to support the proposition that there are more Democrat-leaning voters who won’t vote than Republican-leaning ones (in other words – are polls of all adults more representative of the actual population at large)? The short answer is: no. In my spare time I like to research this very question on my own, and the evidence to support it is weak at best. I have seen some dubious research papers (surprisingly few on this topic) whose methodology is somewhat suspect (rather huge values for standard deviation) and whose conclusions in my opinion are not justified by their data.

BTW: I have advanced degrees in engineering and mathematics.

    The narrower the slice, the better Trump does. He does worst in “all adults” polls; better in “registered voters” polls; best in “likely voters” polls.

More like 55% approval and ^^^

Colin Kaepernick had better lay low until the impeachment is over. The way Pelosi is wrapping herself in the flag, the pledge of allegiance and the constitution, Kaepernick wouldn’t survive getting within 50 feet of her.

This is why bill clinton wasn’t removed. He committed High Crimes and Misdemeanors, proven beyond all reasonable doubt. But his polling was good so the good senators sitting in judgment acquitted him. Impeachment is a purely political act, through and through.

    gonzotx in reply to CKYoung. | December 18, 2019 at 3:42 pm

    Trump won’t be removed because he is innocent and thank God the Republicans hold the Senate

    If the Dems did, I really think they would go through with it despite the civil war that would ensue

Elissa Slotkin (MI-8) is my representative. Last week she had a rather rowdy town hall. In 2018 she defeated a cowardly RINO who ran an absolutely horrid campaign. He started out with signs that said “Bishop” and half way through the campaign switched to signs reading “Mike” which looked nothing like the first signs. He refused to take a stand on anything.

Hopefully the 2020 GOP candidate’s message will be “You’re not really voting for Elissa Slotkin … you’re voting for Nancy Pelosi.

Hoping a 100 seat loss for the dems is possible.