Way back at the beginning of this year, Virginia’s Democrat Governor Ralph Northam became embroiled in controversy when it was revealed he was pictured in his college yearbook wearing blackface, or a KKK robe, depending on who you ask.

Northam faced calls to resign from every corner of the political theater.

Among those calling for Northam’s resignation at the time was the editorial board of the Washington Post:

They have apparently had a change of heart. Opinion writer Karen Tumulty shared a new editorial from the paper this weekend on Twitter:

Could this be motivated by the fact that Democrats now control Virginia and it is politically expedient for the left to occupy the office of governor?

This is the same editorial board, writing two days ago:

How Ralph Northam came back from the political dead

THE HISTORY of U.S. politics is full of second chances — of scandal-scarred, disgraced and irredeemable public figures staging improbable comebacks — but few back-from-the-dead narratives have been as swift and sure-footed as the one Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has managed this year.

Since Feb. 1, when the discovery of a racist photo on his medical school yearbook page dealt what seemed a lethal blow to his political career, Mr. Northam has refocused his governorship on racial equity and reconciliation in what amounted to an extended act of public contrition and atonement. It has been astonishingly effective not just in terms of his own political rehabilitation — his poll numbers climbed from the depths — but also in setting a clear theme for his four-year term in office, delimited by Virginia’s prohibition on governors succeeding themselves.

In the process, Mr. Northam, a Democrat, persuaded many Virginians to allow him a season of penitence. Not least among them are African Americans who were stunned when the governor first admitted, then denied, appearing in the photo in which one figure is in blackface and another is in a Ku Klux Klan costume, while adding that he did don blackface, appearing as Michael Jackson at a dance contest, the same year the yearbook was published.

Can you even imagine such a thing being written about Trump, or any Republican for that matter in this same situation? This must be more of that liberal media bias we’re constantly told doesn’t really exist.

The mask has been ripped off the media. There is no coming back from this.


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