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Conservative Students Allegedly ‘Swatted’ at St. Olaf College

Conservative Students Allegedly ‘Swatted’ at St. Olaf College

“a false report that alleged that they had guns and ammunition in their dorm”

Swatting is an extremely dangerous practice. A man was actually killed by police a couple of years ago in a high profile swatting case.

The College Fix reports:

Conservative students ‘swatted’ as officers swarm dorm over false report

Several conservative students at St. Olaf College had their lives turned upside down Sunday after a false report that alleged that they had guns and ammunition in their dorm prompted campus public safety officers to enter their home and search it.

Despite the students telling the officers they had no guns and no ammunition and felt they were the victims of a malicious prank — as right-of-center students have faced open hostility on campus for several years — the officers continued to raid the dorm and upend some of its contents.

The officers had been unaware that they were headed into a dorm full of College Republicans as they initiated the search, according to Carl Lehmann, the college’s attorney.

The entire leadership of the College Republicans at St. Olaf College lives together in a shared pod-style dormitory comprised of several bedrooms with a common living room. It was this pod searched by officers Sunday afternoon.

“We essentially got swatted, it was just a prank or an attack, something made to intimidate us, something made to make it difficult for us to study for finals and to make us uncomfortable here on campus,” said Chris, one of the students who lives in the dorm.

“The raid on our pod was disruptive and caused needless anxiety, especially given that finals are ongoing,” said Nick, who also lives there.

Nick and Chris, as well as several other students interviewed by The College Fix who live in the pod investigated by officers, asked that only their first names be used to protect their identities from further harassment on campus.


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They should file a complaint with the police, asking the person to be found and charged with endangerment and falsifying a police report. It will only stop when the perpetrators feel real consequences for their dangerous actions.

Minnesota not so nice any longer?

Another private liberal arts college where classical liberal values seem to be no longer taught.

Antifundamentalist | December 20, 2019 at 2:24 pm

Swatting needs to be classified as a hate crime at the very least. If someone dies as a result, there should be murder charges involved.

This swatting attack was against Republicans. Today’s liberal colleges are anti-Republican. These colleges (and I’m talking about you, St. Olaf) have betrayed their liberal arts mission and poisoned campus debate. The administrators are clearly cowards unwiling to challenge their students, thereby possibly endangering the influx of tuition the colleges are so addicted to. The administrations prefer to live with the smoldering threats of violence and perculating hatreds, rather than take a stand and enforce principles. Most college students are too young and too sheltered to realize how quickly violence can spread, once hatreds are aroused. But college administrations have no such excuse. They are supposed to be the adults in the room. Instead, they are enablers of the basest urges.

At least they didn’t shoot the dog. (most likely because they didn’t have one)

I’ve always wondered what happens on a raid like that if they found a lockbox such as an absent college student might keep their passport and important papers in, cabled to something so it can’t just be taken away. Do they destroy the property in order to extract the unknown contents (since the hypothetical student is not there to open it for them) or do they destroy the cable and take the box with them? It would seem either of those options is a ‘taking’ and that the student would be in the right by demanding compensation for their loss. Right?