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Conservative Charlie Kirk Debates Politics With Students at Brown University

Conservative Charlie Kirk Debates Politics With Students at Brown University

“co-hosted by the University’s chapter of TPUSA and Brown Republicans”

Kirk is the founder of Turning Point USA. There were protesters outside the building. but the event went on as planned.

The Brown Daily Herald reports:

Charlie Kirk debates political issues with University students

In a contentious night of debate between Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk and University students, Kirk spoke for over an hour on Wednesday about his conservative viewpoints.

“This is what it’s all about,” Kirk told a packed auditorium in 85 Waterman St. at the beginning of his evening at the University. “Free flow of conversation.”

Kirk, who is a noted ally of President Trump, said that his visit to the University marked his first appearance at an Ivy League school.

The event, titled “An Evening with Charlie Kirk,” was co-hosted by the University’s chapter of TPUSA and Brown Republicans, said Christian Diaz de Leon ’21, president of TPUSA Brown. Through grants and national funding, TPUSA covered all of the expenses associated with the event, said Julian Haag ’20, Brown Republicans president and TPUSA outreach director.

Haag jumped at the opportunity to be involved in bringing Kirk to campus, he added, given that Kirk’s ideology aligns with the mainstream Republican Party rather than with “Never-Trumpers.”

“I’m not going to go out of my way to pick a speaker who’s more palatable to other members on campus. I don’t want to dance on eggshells and bring Jeb Bush to campus,” Haag added…

A handful of protesters holding signs outside of 85 Waterman St. greeted attendees as they entered the building for the event. Officers from both the University Department of Public Safety and the Providence Police Department were present, as well as Kirk’s personal security.


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Any Groypers asking questions of Cucky Chucky?
Kirk is rabidly pro-LGBTQ+, and until recently wanted to staple green cards to college diplomas (He’s still pro-flood the USA with immigrants, as long as they have “merit”). And totally pro-quagmire-war and as Zionist as Shapiro.