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College of New Jersey Advises White Students to Think About Their Racial Privilege

College of New Jersey Advises White Students to Think About Their Racial Privilege

“Racial Privilege: A Primer”

This was part of an event put on by the school’s Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Campus Reform reports:

N.J. college tells white students to think about their ‘racial privilege’

A New Jersey college hosted a diversity workshop for students and faculty that asked participants to explore their “racial privilege” as part of its “Diversity Education Series” on campus.

The College of New Jersey’s Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion hosted an event called “Racial Privilege: A Primer” during which, according to The Signal student newspaper, participants were told to “put on their racial clothing” to explore the effects of racial privilege.

Participants during the meeting, according to the Signal, were asked at one point to close their eyes and answer 50 questions based on activist Peggy McIntosh’s “Unpacking the White Knapsack.” White participants were asked to think about how the presence of privileges had affected their lives, while people of color were asked to think about the negative impacts of the absence of privileges.

Students also discussed their feelings of privilege in a group after the activity, with the goal of understanding what privilege meant to students who were white and to those of color.

Cynthia Fulford, assistant director of the Support for Teacher Education program at TCNJ told Campus Reform in an email, “The invisible privileges afforded to a group allow them to believe they get ahead based solely on working hard and doing the right things.”


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Explore your racial privilege. Translation: Diversity means not you.

Don’t you know? “Working hard and doing the right things” is “acting white” according to the black thugs my kids went to school with. That’s why any successful white people are just enjoying white privilege…because it’s “acting white” to do the things that lead to success.

Any self-respecting black thug that does those things is excoriated and exiled from his own society. Which, obviously, is the fault of whites.

Seriously though, My kids both went to majority black schools. Their middle school was right across the street from one of the biggest housing projects in the city. The administrators were black, most of the teachers were black, they had the same curriculum and rules and learning environment that the black kids did.

My kids both turned out OK (my son is now the band teacher at the high school he graduated from). Interestingly, the black kids that went to school with my kids who “acted white” and got an education, worked hard and made good decisions, are also equally successful…some of them wildly more-so.

Must be the white privilege that rubbed off from going to school with my kids.

Equally interesting, one of my Son’s best (white) friends in high school bought into the “thug” culture and took the path of the majority of the black kids in the school. Guess where he ended up? I wonder if white privilege helps him be a more successful inmate? Somehow I doubt it.

White privilege means that whites can work hard and pay for the welfare for blacks and suffer as victims of black criminals.

The college should think about their unearned and undeserved privilege – and go to a hot place, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

I thought about it: Affirmative action = black privege.

Time to end it, or we’ll suffer through another ‘obama’ fraud.

I just retired after 40 years with the federal government. For all 40 of those years, half of which were in Human Resources, I saw first-hand the racial privilege we are all enduring in this country: hiring and promotions were far more often than not awarded to lesser qualified and even completely unqualified blacks, Hispanics, and women, all in the name of diversity and meeting an illegal quota system. Better and even best qualified white males were passed over countless times in order to meet those quotas. So don’t talk to me about “racial privilege.”