These students don’t know each other or even go to the same school. What an amazing story.

WEAR TV reports:

Pensacola family receives the gift of life this Christmas

A Pensacola family will be celebrating Christmas at the hospital this year, but it will be a happy celebration after a successful kidney transplant.

Keith Fell Jr., just 20 years old, is an active college student at Louisiana State University but is from Pensacola. His mother Cindy Fell said she never knew something was wrong with her son and it wasn’t until this past summer, when he returned home from school, that red flags began to show.

“He came home for the summer and he just wasn’t right. He had night sweats, he had vertigo, he had nausea,” Cindy said.

That lead to blood work which then revealed a devastating diagnosis.

“From the blood work that’s when it came out he had stage five renal failure,” Cindy explained.

That’s the final stage of kidney disease, a potentially deadly predicament and time wasn’t on Keith’s side. Cindy said Keith’s father could have been a donor but at age 55 it would have been an old kidney, Keith’s brother is 17 but you must be 18 and older to be a donor. Medical professionals told them Keith would need a young donor close to his age.

From there Cindy turned to Facebook with a plea for help. Her post got a large response, seen far and wide, but it was a complete stranger also from Pensacola named Reagan Scott, a college student at Mississippi State, that stepped forward to help.

“It’s incredible, she would do this for our son?” Cindy said

Reagan said she was happy to do it and didn’t want anything in return.

“If I was in this position or my sister, my family member, I hope someone that could do it would do it for them,” Reagan said.


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