Unless Kim Jung Un launches a balllistic missile or does something else dramatic today, it’s likely to be a slow news day.

So use this post to wish each other well, argue, or post things of interest in the comments. As long as you keep it clean, there is nothing “off topic.”

Some quick thoughts from me.

We haven’t published reader-submitted bumper sticker photos in a long time. For a reminder, scroll through our Bumper Sticker Tag, all 58 pages of them dating back to 2010, totaling over 500 in all. Check out Best Bumper Stickers of 2012. It seems that bumper stickers in the anti-Obama era were so much more fun. Anti-Trump bumper stickers lack humor and are just angry. But a small number of readers have sent me images recently. Should we resume?

What ever happened to Kwanzaa? It used to be it was all over the news, now you hardly hear anything about it. Of course, it was a recently invented holiday meant to take away from Christmas. Now that Christmas is *legal* again under Trump, maybe Kwanzaa has lost its purpose.

What are Democrats praying for this Christmas? Here’s a partial list, all of which involve some dramatic harm to the U.S. that will hurt Trump’s chances of reelection:

1. North Korea: Democrats’ precarious electoral situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part, and Kim Jung Un may be just the guy to do it. A long-range missile here, a ‘boom’ there, come on Kim, Democrats need you.

2. The economy, boy they’re stupid: The media tried this year to talk us into a recession. They could taste it and they were salivating. But it didn’t happen. Not even close. Guess what? The economy is so strong, it has only once place to go: DOWN!

3. Conflict with Iran: Mullah, Mullah on the wall, what have you got in store to help Democrats win? Sink a tanker? Shoot down another drone. Drag the region into conflict with U.S. troops in the middle of it all? Trump will be blamed by the media, so for Democrats, it’s all upside.

This meme sums it up.

That’s it from me for the moment.

Merry Christmas to our readers, and even to the commenters.

[Featured image via Linda in Tennessee]


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