As I watch my beloved Chicago Bears take on those putrid Green Bay Packers, I remember that Bears superstar Khalil Mack did something amazing last week.

Mack paid off all the items on layaway at Walmart in his hometown Fort Pierce, FL.

The payment came from his Khalil Mack Foundation:

“We here at Walmart would like to thank the Khalil Mack Foundation for your generosity, and for making so many families happy for the holidays,” the Fort Pierce store posted. “Everyone is truly grateful for everything you have done for them!”

Mack footed the bill for 300 to 350 accounts — about $80,000 total — a Walmart spokesman told the Tribune on Monday.

“His foundation came to us and said he wanted to be a secret Santa,” store manager Mathias Libardi told

The holiday gift isn’t the only good deed Mack has done for his hometown recently. In June, he sent 100 pairs of Nike cleats to the Fort Pierce Westwood football team.

So Mack sent the Nike cleats in June, but the man has done so much this year.

Mack found out two weeks ago that the Chicago Chargers’ U14 Pop Warner football team needed money to travel to the Disney National Championship.

The team needed $5,000. Mack donated $2,000.

Mack also donates quietly, not looking for attention. His generosity receives attention because the recipients talk about it.

We need more of this. As people and the media prop up people like Colin Kaepernick they should turn their eyes to players like Mack.

Then again, Mack and others do not want the attention. They do not donate or help others to show off. They do it because they are good and decent people.

Love you so much, Mack. AND BEAR DOWN!

Enjoy these 2018 highlights.


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