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Attendance is Light for ‘Adulting’ Courses Offered at Kansas State

Attendance is Light for ‘Adulting’ Courses Offered at Kansas State

“Adulting 101.”

It’s a shame more students aren’t taking advantage of these classes, considering the usefulness of the information being shared.

The College Fix reports:

Kansas State ‘adulting’ courses teach students basic life skills. Few are attending.

As students spend much of their young lives working to get into college, some have noticed that their academic efforts have created a void in their knowledge of more basic life skills.

In response, Kansas State University is hosting occasional non-credit courses that home in on the practical skills required to tackle the challenges of adulthood, some advertised as “Adulting 101.”

So far, the university has held seminars on “car maintenance, interviewing techniques, leasing tips,” health insurance and conflict resolution, Anna Capps, a KSU student who helped create the program, told The College Fix in an email.

On average, about 10 to 15 attend these workshops, said Capps, a student ambassador for KSU health services. But at the Nov. 12 “Healthy Housing” presentation given by student legal services attorney Sarah Barr – the sixth in the Adulting 101 series – only four students showed up, Barr told The Fix in an email.

Capps said her peers “are learning a lot about life skills that are not taught in the typical classroom, such as building good credit, leasing responsibilities of a tenant vs. landlord” and personal finance (example of course, above).

For example, KSU’s Powercat Financial, which is a financial services office for students, “talked about good vs. bad debt,” and the speaker emphasized “how student loans are considered good debt,” Capps said. “Discussion also included how student loans do affect your credit and how it is important to make timely payments.”


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In their minds, this is probably beneath them and insulting. They are adults in every which way except for when they aren’t and can use the inexperience defense as an excuse to get what they want.

Who can blame them for skipping something called “Healthy Housing”?

“Healthy” anything is deadly.

If parents actually taught these “adulting” issues and skills, the nanny state wouldn’t feel empowered to take the reins. Kids today aren’t learning these skills because it’s much easier and more financially lucrative to be a victim.

From what can be gathered from that which is written regarding modern university children, adulthood is not in their concept of either the present or the future. Eternal childhood, safe spaces, colouring books, free stuff, drugs, and fun seem to be pretty much all that inhabits their egocentric concept of living. Of course “fun” means rabbit love and “maturity” is merely the ability to drink themselves into almost daily oblivion. Lately I have realized that my knowledge of the two world wars was pretty low. So I took advantage of the “information highway” to try to learn what I could. It’s really kind of scary to try to imagine today’s university children doing what men of the same age and culture did taking Utah Beach or those who held the line in the Battle of the Bastogne. There were many many such like actions that HAD to be done, and WERE done by men and women the same age as the buttercups and snowflakes currently suffering unending emotional distress brought on by perceived insults or imagined “violence” perpetrated by spoken words? Scary, yes, but kind of funny when in your minds’ eye you see the scum called Nazis mowing them down on Utah Beach, not with gunfire, but by vocally hurling deadly “hate speech” from their defensive and undiversified pill boxes? And then we have their honoured leaders, like Obama, who has never served the nation in any way, suddenly fancying himself as a real erudite on the concepts, principles, and patriotic impulses that made our country the envy of the world at large. While Americans fought, bled, lost limbs, and died this undiluted waste of skin sat around with his “choom” gang, in a drug induced quasi coma and enjoyed the liberty others paid for in blood. oh!! He served the nation as President, some pretend. Get real. Obama played golf for eight years, turned Lybia into a burning chaos, provided Isis with a place to be born, mastered the art of prolonging the post recession recovery for the longest period in history, turned our military into a giant social experiment that failed, accepted a Nobel Peace Prize he in no way earned, and used his office to get filthy rich with no benefit to the nation. Then, after wreaking eight years of havoc that will take a generation to resolve, he still will not just shut up and slither off under a rock somewhere. Can even the most merciful amoung us imagine Obama making the hard decisions that had to be made in 1941-1945? I doubt this human doorstop even knows if his pants zip up or down. And HE is our university childrens’ chosen messiah. Yea, back to scary.

The Friendly Grizzly | December 3, 2019 at 11:18 am

“Adulting” Are they also offering a course in how to verb nouns?

“Adulting”: Being able to truly understand how the phrases “youth and inexperience” and “long and faithful service” are not necessarily contradictory. Hard to believe? Talk to anyone who spent time on the line in a hot-fire zone!

Snowflake Warning: Doing this will possibly open your minds and will absolutely expose you not only to Facts, but to the twin concepts of Duty & Honor, anathema to your pussy-hat-wearing world view. Think At Your Own Risk!