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Wrong Whole Foods: Boycott Calls After WholeFoods Magazine Names Mitch McConnell ‘Person of the Year’

Wrong Whole Foods: Boycott Calls After WholeFoods Magazine Names Mitch McConnell ‘Person of the Year’

Lefties demand boycott of Whole Foods stores, but they have the wrong “WholeFoods”

Outrage culture leads to many misunderstandings because people react before they think or even educate themselves.

The latest incident involves Whole Foods. A magazine called WholeFoods, which is not associated with the grocery store, named Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell its Person of the Year.

Did people bother to read any of the articles? Did they even bother to realize that the magazine is called WholeFoods instead of Whole Foods?

Yes, it’s one word instead of two words.

Of course they did not because outrage. Everyone assumed the store publishes the magazine.

The magazine first came out in 1984:

The editorial focus is, and always has been, on informing and educating about how to improve your businesses and take advantage of emerging opportunities both within the industry and in the world at large. Every monthly issue includes feature-length articles covering hot, new product categories.

It named McConnell as its Person of the Year because of his efforts to help a “hemp growing project” in Kentucky.

Because of everyone’s arrogance, Whole Foods spent the last few days addressing snowflakes on Twitter. People even started the hashtag #BoycottWholeFoods.

I even noticed people quote tweeted a tweet from HuffPo, which specifically states the grocery store chain does not have anything to do with the magazine.

The stupid…it burns.


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I want to start a bagel store called Hole Foods. Wonder if they’d sue me.

Being a leftist and being smart are mutually exclusive. Who knew?

Also, it is Whole Foods fault for having a name like the magazine because a leftist never makes a mistake.

i hope the boycott has legs… it might be easier to get into the store that way, the days we decide to get something there.

When did people stop calling it “Whole Paycheck?”

It is typical for leftists to be in the wrong hole, I mean Whole.

Morning Sunshine | November 29, 2019 at 8:36 pm

oh, the stupid, it burns. burns with the schadenfreude of a 1000 suns

It’s hard to support mcconnell when he’s being hit. He sold us out long ago. His tepid support for judges is kinda like the ACLU’s support for marching Nazis: all show, and a cover for their sinister other acts. When mcconnell kicks the bucket, he won’t be missed, except by the swamp.

His wife is financially intertwined with the Chi Comms more than dianne feinstein could ever hope to be.

Folks on Twitter are not that bright. At least the ones who run off in outrage (on the left or the right).

Maybe Whole Foods should give up trying to use big words like “affiliated” to explain things.

We lose chick FIL a but gain whole foods. Who’da thunk.

Shhhhhhhh. Don’t tell

The store, Whole Foods, and their customers, are a rather sanctimonious bunch. I recall they had an ad campaign one time, comparing items they sold that WalMart didn’t sell, and things WalMart sold that they would never sell. Lots of virtue signaling going on.

In truth, when I lived within walking distance of a Whole Foods, I would go there sometimes. Some sales were really excellent. But I only bought stuff at discounted prices. Except their truffles. Dang, those were good.

p.s. “organic” is latin for “grown in pig shit”.

p.p.s. that is “latin” which is different from “Latin”, in case any of y’all wanna get picky.