You may have noticed I’ve been a little thin around here lately.

It’s been crunch time for me as the semester is nearing an end, and I’ve also had some personal matters to attend to.

I’ve been lurking behind the headlines though, shooting post ideas to authors, particularly on that *** **** George Conway.

You know I don’t curse here, but I can barely contain myself over the impeachment ********, which is a kind way of saying they are ******* with the core of our republic. Bill Barr was way too kind in his description of the Resistance ********. They can go **** ********** and the pony they rode in on.

Schiff is a **** ****, and Pelosi is no better. The mainstream media is even worse. I hope they end up having to learn to ****.

I’m motivated. I just need to find the time.

Thanks for watching.

[Featured Image: My Walker Bay 10 ft inflatable at my happy place, our home in RI, in sunnier weather]


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