Turning Point USA was handing out materials at a table on campus when this student allegedly came along and started taking their stuff and destroying it.

Campus Reform reports:

VIDEO: Vandal deems conservative group’s speech ‘hateful,’ destroys their property

A student at the University of Michigan is being investigated by campus police after he was recorded stealing and destroying recruitment materials from a conservative student group. The video shows the vandal dumping items onto the ground, tearing-up signs and throwing property in the trash.

When one of the TPUSA members told the vandal “Stop it. It’s against the law to steal,” the vandal replied, “You know what else is against the law? Hate speech.” Another member asked the vandal “What were we doing that was hateful, sir?” to which he replied, “Nothing.”

The vandal continued his destruction by attempting to deflate the group’s free speech ball display. However, he discovered that the ball was “not deflating quick enough,” and moved on to tear up the chapter’s hand-drawn sign advertising “free hot cocoa and cookies” and crumple up the TPUSA signs that were saying things like “free speech,” and “I ❤America!”

Watch the video below:

Featured image via Facebook video.


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