On November 1, 2019, I gave a lecture for the James Wilson Institute, titled Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin: Identity Politics on Trial. The lecture was held at the Hillsdale College center in D.C.

JWI delivered a special treat for attendees, Gibson’s Bakery cookies!

photo by WAJ

Fortunately, the video was not yet running so there are no images of me wolfing down the cookies double-handed style.

The cookie order was accompanied by this note from Lorna Gibson (David Gibson’s wife) with some of the other items sold at the store.

photo by waj

photo by waj

The video of the lecture is below. I don’t have a transcript.

I covered my theory of why you cannot understand the reaction to the shoplifting arrests unless you understand the history of social justice warfare at Oberlin College, and weak and complicit involvement of the prior administration. I then walked through various incidents we have covered, particularly The Great Oberlin College Racism Hoax of 2013, that predated the Gibson protests. I also spent a lot of time talking about Oberlin College’s perplexing and offensive demonization of the bakery and the Gibson family, both before and at trial. I discussed some of the evidence in the case, but my job was not to argue for or against the verdict, but to understand it.

The lecture was followed by a question and answer session that covered not only the case, but some of my experiences at Cornell.

Here you go:

[Featured Image Courtesy James Wilson Institute]


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