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University of Toronto Under Attack by ‘Poop Vandal’

University of Toronto Under Attack by ‘Poop Vandal’

“This is a person, to me, who has very serious issues, it would seem.”

What a revolting development. If ever there was just cause for expulsion, this is it.

The New York Post reports:

‘Poop’ vandal strikes University of Toronto, marking third ‘inexplicable’ incident

Toronto apparently stinks this time of year.

Police in that Canadian city said a bucket filled with what is believed to be feces was dumped on a woman outside the University of Toronto around midnight Monday — the third poop attack at the school over the past four days.

“I find this kind of behavior inexplicable,” Toronto Mayor John Tory told CP24. “This is a person, to me, who has very serious issues, it would seem.”

“But the most important thing is that the person be tracked down and if you look at the number of people who seem to be in the library when these things happened, then it may really help the police if they come forward with every single bit of information they have,” he said.

The latest assault comes after two other incidents — both involving “liquified fecal matter” — unfolded inside the school library, according to CP24.

The first was on Friday, when witnesses said a man walked into the library’s cafeteria wearing a construction hat and dumped “a bucketful of brownish-yellow liquid” on several people.


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This is not vandalism, but is a battery on the victims.
Throwing poop on a wall or a poster is vandalism. Throwing it on a person could justify deadly force in self-defense! (Ask Branco about that.)

Might be the “ass crack bandit” taken to a higher level. /s

I think I would want someone to get the chair if they did that to me.

Where do you think you are? Los Angeles California?