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U. Pennsylvania Blocks Public From Dinesh D’Souza Event, Citing Safety Concerns

U. Pennsylvania Blocks Public From Dinesh D’Souza Event, Citing Safety Concerns

“The school is also charging over $1,000 in security for the event.”

This is a form of heckler’s veto. Students who pose a threat of violence over speech get the speech shut down.

From the YAF blog:

UPenn Blocks Public from Dinesh D’Souza Lecture, Revokes Venue Days Before Event

The University of Pennsylvania is scrambling to limit the reach of conservative ideas on its campus.

Just days before Dinesh D’Souza’s lecture, scheduled for November 12 through Young America’s Foundation Preserving American Liberty and Freedom Lecture Series, the school has blocked the public from attending the event, citing security concerns. The school has also revoked the venue, originally planned to be in the ARCH building on campus. With only three business days until the event, the school has not offered an alternate venue.

It may be no coincidence that the venue originally scheduled for D’Souza is also home to the multicultural student centers, including “Makuu” (the Black Cultural Center), La Casa Latina, and The Pan Asian American Community House. D’Souza’s speech is titled “A Legal Immigrant’s Case Against Multiculturalism.”

The school is also charging over $1,000 in security for the event.

Danielle Yampolsky, the president of the conservative group hosting D’Souza, told YAF she is deeply disappointed with the school’s handling of the situation, and is eager to push back against their treatment of conservatives.

“I was incredibly shocked and disappointed to receive this email, especially at such short notice,” Yampolsky said, “Nevertheless, I am committed to promoting free speech and diversity of thought on Penn’s campus and am looking forward to getting this resolved and welcoming Mr. D’Souza to campus. “


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This exercise in UP idiocy is just begging for a 1A lawsuit. For such supposedly smart people, academic administrators are incredibly stupid.

Trust me, I know: I worked at a major research university for 21 years.

If there is no “public”, why the security concerns? Why pay for security? Security of what, exactly?
I loathe these people.

Id say it IS the Hecklers Veto, not a form of it.

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