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Trump ‘Strongly’ Considering Offering Testimony in Impeachment Inquiry

Trump ‘Strongly’ Considering Offering Testimony in Impeachment Inquiry

“Even though I did nothing wrong, and don’t like giving credibility to this No Due Process Hoax, I like the idea & will, in order to get Congress focused again, strongly consider it!”

President Donald Trump unloaded on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi this morning after she suggested he testify in the impeachment inquiry.

He tweeted he will “strongly consider” the idea so the “witch hunt” can end and Congress can get back to doing its job.

Pelosi said on Face the Nation Trump “could come right before the committee and talk, speak all the truth that he wants if he wants to… take the oath of office or he could do it in writing.” She noted Trump “has every opportunity to present his case.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer agreed with Pelosi:

“If Donald Trump doesn’t agree with what he’s hearing, doesn’t like what he’s hearing, he shouldn’t tweet. He should come to the committee and testify under oath. And he should allow all those around him to come to the committee and testify under oath,” Schumer told reporters.

The House Intelligence Committee began public hearings last week. They will head from eight officials this week, including US Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland.


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I could see this if all he does is read some of the best passages from the Horowitz report.

Another grandmaster-level troll effort that will surely induce media mouth-foaming.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to MTED. | November 18, 2019 at 11:15 am


    It’s a SUPER TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PrincetonAl in reply to MTED. | November 18, 2019 at 12:25 pm

    Ha! I laughed when I saw this.

    So many establishment Repubs all worried about it. Pure media fodder.

    Can’t wait until he almost agrees and Democrats think they have him and then throws a few reasonable requests on top that Dems can’t agree to – and Democrats fold and he says, “See folks?”

    It’s coyote and road runner all over again. And 20 more judges get confirmed in the meantime.

      oldgoat36 in reply to PrincetonAl. | November 18, 2019 at 6:32 pm

      Trump is successful because he uses the same play book the left does. He calls their bluffs, he raises the anti.
      It’s the only way to beat them at their game, play it as they do, and double down on them. Make them sweat.

I don’t see much advantage to doing any such thing. Gulliver doesn’t owe the Lilliputians anything no matter how much noise they make.

Until the D’rats can actually come up with a case—rather than just whine about it—there’s nothing to make a statement about. DJT doubtless knows better than to let the D’rats set the agenda.

I think all he’s doing here is throwing more chopped fish to the circus seals.

I’d enjoy seeing the Democrats try and come up with a list of questions to make public in writing.

but but but… he rattled and shook the confidence of an ally.

I LOL’d on that one being portrayed as an impeachable act.

Condition it on the whistleblower and Schiff testifying first, and all other Republican witnesses.

“You’re damn right I ordered the code red!”

“Thank you, you’re free to go now.”

Congress has no useful purpose but the members probably do represent content of their constituents character.

What he needs to do is issue an open letter to Ukraine formally requesting their assistance in investigating corruption by Americans, citing the agreement Bill Clinton enacted.

House today announced they are investigating Trump for lying to Mueller.
OK. Now we are entering Kafka Plus.

Pelosi won’t bite. Viewership of these House hearings will explode and so the Dems would have to be on their best behavior. Does Pelosi trust Schiff, Nadler and the rest to behave? I doubt it.

Maybe Trust should really push this until Nancy has to explain herself. It would be the biggest Trump campaign appearance of all time. A national campaign appearance. “Here I am, Nancy! Is you is or is you isn’t, Nancy? Put up or shut up”

Two words; “Perjury Trap”. There is no way he should Testify during the Inquiry, wait until they manage to pass articles and testify in the Senate. Besides from what I am reading today there are several Dem house members who aren’t happy and looking to defect.

    Trump is again calling a Dem bluff. His appearance would destroy the Dems hoping to be re-elected. I’ll bet over 100 million viewers would tune in vs the 13 million or so of day 1 last week. That’s ten times as many viewers expecting Trump to let the House Democrats have it with both barrels. Shooting commies in a barrel.

    He knows this.

    Now I want you to close your eyes and picture a man holding a laser pointer and a cat.

I honestly can’t see a President dignifying this absurdity by testifying. Especially knowing that if submits anything in writing Schiff simply lie about it like he did with the phone transcript.

Maybe if he puts enough reasonable conditions on it, such as taking away Schiff’s power to veto GOP witnesses, forcing Schiff to comply with house rules which require committee chairmen to recognize points of order (Schiff is simply violating house rules when Jordan et al raise points of order and he refuses to recognize them; he can overrule their points of order but he is required to recognize them). Essentially stripping Schiff of much of the power and control he and Pelosi have arrogated to him as chairman. Then based upon those conditions agree to testify, maybe.

Trump thinks better on his feet than they do, so I’d say Trump wins if he testifies.

He’s trolling them.

He’ll probably offer to testify AFTER the whistleleaker.

Or perhaps he’ll only agree to written questions explicitly like the whistleleaker.

Since the MSM has completely memory-holed the whistleleaker, I assume his goal is to demonstrate that Democrats have different sets of rules and are terrified of having the whistleleaker face questioning.

If he explicitly says he’ll testify only after the whistleleaker does, it forces the MSM to admit that the douchebag isn’t going to testify, ever.

After 3 years of non-stop torment from the Dems, MSM and Resistance, I wish he’d just tell them to “Go to Hell.”

It really bugs me that the R’s always seem to play to the D’s games and rules. Why? It reminds me of a Superbowl; I think it was SB XXI (NYG vs DB) which was a snooze fest and a 1 point game at the half. In either a half-time interview on the way to the locker room, or a post-game interview I believe it was coach Parcells who said “they’re lulling us to sleep out there”. The 2nd half was a different story with the NYG roaring out of the gate and putting up 30 pts to win the game. The difference being NYG played their game instead of playing to Denver’s game.

I keep waiting and wondering if and when the R’s will go on offense – when DJT will loose the hounds on those lyin’ b’tards.

    tom_swift in reply to MrE. | November 18, 2019 at 4:01 pm

    I doubt the R’s will wake up.

    We really have four distinct parties vying for 2020—the Socialists, the Dems, the Repubs, and DJT.

    The Socialists are trying to drag the Dems in one direction, and DJT is trying to drag the Repubs in another. But Dems and Repubs are both immovable objects, and quite happy where they are already.

First of all, he will insist that will televised only as a pay per view, with all proceeds going to some hip charity. Then he will insist on only answering questions from unicorns. Then he will fart rainbows on stage.

I think the House’s problem is that they’re conducting a “fishing expedition” masquerading as an “Impeachment Inquiry”. An Impeachment “Process” would start off with a detailed set of charges against the President, to wit what specific “high crimes and or misdemeanors” is Trump accused of. Then (and only then) could they reasonably demand related information.

What the House is doing is Stalinesque. Schiff, masquerading as a reincarnation of Leveranty Beria is following his playbook: “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime”. And they’re making up what they claim are criminal charges as they go along. And they want as much information as they can lay their hands on so they can try to find “something” they can characterize as a high crime.

This is not how we do Justice in these United States. I don’t think the Supremes will sanction these efforts.

Trump would be foolish to dance to any time played by then Democrats or to support their delusion that they have him on trial. They are the prosecutors not the court. They are going to drag him to the Senate no matter what he does.

First, this is pure Trump. He’s going to tease with one hand while slapping them around with the other. “Of course there are a few minor details that would have to be completed before I even considered it, like ensuring the Republicans get to subpoena witnesses like they’ve been forbidden so far, and keeping Little Adam Schiff from interrupting every five minutes like he has been…”

Second, this Tease-Slap-Tease-Slap will continue just as long as he is making hay off it, because to the Dems, this will be a bugzapper they just can’t keep from flying into. Pelosi will have to either admit defeat and eat crow, or actually play his game and start ensuring the constitutional protections we extend to the lowest criminal also get extended to the highest office in the land.

If the impeachment breaks down and crashes, good. If Trump finishes his teasing with “There’s no way anybody could trust a panel run by people who don’t even (fill in blank) and doesn’t testify, good. If Trump submits a lawyer-reviewed statement instead of testifying, good.

Worst case, he goes to the impeachment hearing, reads his statement, and leaves with a mic-drop, while the Dems go into full screeching and frothing mode. Actually, that would be worth it, twice over.

Nope, not a good idea.

How do you spell “EPIC TROLL” on Trump’s part!
I love it!

Now that the house (I know it’s supposed to be capitalized, but I just can’t find it in me) Dems have expanded their witch hunt to wanting to see if Trump lied to Mueller’s investigators, and are asking a federal court to unseal the Grand Jury testimony so they can fish through it to see if there is any cause for suspicion, there’s no way Trump should provide any testimony to these ‘Rats. They’ll just say Trump lied to them “like he lied to Mueller.”

But if he just wants to play his laser pointer around on the floor and watch the cats chase the dot of light, I’m cool with it.

I can’t wait until the Dems demand to unseal Trump’s academic records and transcripts at the colleges he attended. Fordham University and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Because cheating on or paying someone else to take your SAT/GRE is clearly an impeachable offense.