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Temple University Student Newspaper Takes on ‘Body Hair Positivity’

Temple University Student Newspaper Takes on ‘Body Hair Positivity’

“the inclusion of more diverse bodies is often a barometer of what’s acceptable”

Hair removal is pushed by “the razor industry and the media” apparently.

The College Fix reports:

Taking a stand: Temple U. students ponder female body hair standards

A few female (or, rather, female-identifying) Temple University students are making enough noise about an issue that the student paper felt it worthy of an article: They’re ditching society’s body hair norms.

According to The Temple News, so-called “body hair positivity” has been “gaining momentum” despite the still-growing global hair removal market.

Temple senior Lizy Pierson is one of those adding to that momentum. Pierson says that back in high school she refused to shave her legs “for other people’s happiness.”

“I was on the water polo team and there were a lot of guys … who were like, ‘You’re so disgusting. That’s so gross,’” Pierson said. “My comeback for a lot of guys who say things like this to me is, ‘When was the last time you shaved your legs?’”

Pierson says that at 6′ 1″, shaving takes “a lot of time” and the hair “grows back right away.” She adds “It just seems pointless.”

Pierson claims leg-shaving is a thing only because the razor industry and the media “push the idea that women are more beautiful without body hair.”

From the story:

Maria Murphy, an adjunct professor in the gender, sexuality and women’s studies program, said being inclusivity in mainstream media is important, but consumers should be skeptical of advertising motives.

“Representation does matter because those materials are what is often immediately accessible to young people in general, but the inclusion of more diverse bodies is often a barometer of what’s acceptable,” Murphy said. “It’s being leveraged under marketing campaigns and basically under capitalism.”

Grace Whittemore, a senior theater major, said there have been times she has not shaved because of convenience.


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Translation: They want to be angry about something but life so good they can’t think of any real problems to complain about.

The Friendly Grizzly | November 26, 2019 at 12:25 pm

Body Hair Positivity. Yet, I’m willing to bet a good lunch that my big ol’ beard is viewed as patriarchal and white supremacist.

I’m “positive” that women covered in body hair at Temple will be spending a lot of time alone on Saturday night… This is just more flotsam from the Society for the Perpetually Offended.

A man needs a feminist, hirsute or otherwise, as a fish needs a bicycle. (Well Ok, Virginia Postrel is pretty cute!)

And these snowflakes have nothing better or more important to occupy their time and mental energy?

back in the “olden” days, black males liked hairy legs.(Don’t know where that stands today)
I aint sayin, I’m just sayin

My mom plucked her leg hairs out by the roots as a teenager so she wouldn’t have to shave them.

I trimmed, but didn’t start shaving until a couple years ago, when my beard started growing in grey (happens early in my family).