Here’s an idea. If you don’t want Washington and Lee on your diploma, maybe don’t go to Washington and Lee.

The Epoch Times reports:

Washington and Lee University Students Want Portraits of Namesakes Off Their Diplomas

Students at Washington and Lee University (WLU) in Virginia are circulating a petition asking for customized diplomas that do not feature the portraits of America’s first president George Washington and Confederate Commander Robert E. Lee, which “some may find controversial or offensive.”

More than 170 past and current students and faculty members of the WLU’s law school have signed the petition, which is directly addressed to university president William Dudley.

The petition calls on the school’s administration to provide students the option of removing the portraits of the namesakes, which are traditionally featured on their diplomas.

“The goal of establishing this option is to create a diploma that alumni are proud to prominently display in their homes and places of work,” reads the petition, adding that changes have been to the diplomas to meet students’ demands in the past, such as switching from sheepskin diplomas to paper ones.

“Given the aftermath of the 2017 Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville and the heightened awareness of making Washington & Lee an inclusive and compassionate environment to all students, we believe this request provides alumni the ability to honor their alma mater without the presence of the portraits that some may find controversial or offensive,” it states.

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