This generation has been raised to believe that nothing is more important than fairness and equality of outcome. Is it any surprise that they view socialism in this way? They were groomed to think this.

The Daily Signal reports:

Socialism All About Inclusivity and Kindness, These Students Say

The word “socialism” has left behind its past of breadlines and beatings and has come to mean something like “kindness” for some students at Georgetown University, The Daily Signal found in campus interviews.

Many millennials would agree with the positive feelings these university students have for socialism.

According to a new YouGov survey commissioned by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, over 50% of millennials say they are “somewhat likely” to vote for a socialist candidate. Another 20% say they are “extremely likely” to vote for a socialist.

“Socialism means multiple people coming together for the benefit of the most instead of the benefit of those contributing the most,” sophomore Darby Bupp, 19, a government major from Piqua, Ohio, told The Daily Signal.

Stephanie Galvan, 21, a senior from Houston, Texas, had a similar perspective.

“[Socialism is] supposed to be restoration. If you have something, it’s OK to give out and help others,” Galvan, a neurobiology major, said…

“I don’t think the USSR was a perfect version of socialism,” said international politics senior Adam Harrison, 22. “I don’t think they truly adhered to socialism or communism.”


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