The reasons the students gave for making this decision are infuriating. Read below.

The College Fix reports:

University’s student government removes Pledge of Allegiance from meetings

The Student Senate at Grand Valley State University has voted to stop reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at its meetings, with some arguing it’s non-inclusive and represents an oppressive government.

Last week’s vote was 22 in favor, 10 opposed, with 10 abstentions, said Dorian Thompson, a student senator, in a telephone interview Saturday with The College Fix.

“The arguments to remove it were to create an inclusive environment, that it represented an oppressive government, and that there are international students that we should be representing,” Thompson told The Fix.

This is the second student government this fall semester to nix the Pledge of Allegiance from its agenda. The University of Oklahoma student government also voted in September to scrap the pledge from its meetings.

Grand Valley State’s Thompson, a senior and political science major at the Michigan-based public university, said he prompted the public vote on the issue because Student Senate committee chairs and vice chairs had “secretly” decided to remove the pledge prior to the start of the fall semester.


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