The entire scene described in this article is crazy. The guest is a conspiracy theorist, and the crowd cheered her on for saying insane things.

The Claremont Independent reports:

College-Invited Speaker Ties Jewish Student Journalist to “White Nationalists,” Calls NYT “Pro-Israel Propaganda”

During a question & answer session at Pomona College following a film screening of Gaza Fights For Freedom, a pro-Palestinian documentary, film director Abby Martin accused a Jewish student journalist with the Claremont Independent, who asked a question about Hamas’s activities against Israeli civilians, of being associated with “white nationalists” and insisted that the New York Times was “pro-Israeli Propaganda.”

When Independent staff writer Jordan Esrig asked a question about Hamas’s activities against Israeli civilians, Martin responded by stating that Esrig, who is Jewish, is associated with “white nationalists,” drawing cheers and laughter from the crowd consisting mainly of Claremont Colleges professors and students. One audience member also yelled out “white nationalist” at the student journalist. Martin also assailed the journalist as being “tied to an organization [the Independent] that is tied with Breitbart.” The Independent is not affiliated with Breitbart or any external national media outlets. Co-director Mike Prysner also lashed out at mainstream media, saying that “the New York Times [is] a media organization that in fact tells, that only tells, really just tells the Israeli propaganda side of the story.”

As the Independent previously noted, both speakers have a history of controversy. Claremont Progressive Israel Alliance (CPIA), released a statement condemning the event. Martin, a former contractor and anchor for Russian state news agency RT and Venezuelan state news agency Telasur, is a self-proclaimed “radical” and conspirator. Until recently, she claimed that the September 11 terrorist attacks were an inside job by the government, and recently stated on the Joe Rogan Show that the CIA is responsible for a string of assassinations, including those of Martin Luther King, Robert F. Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy. Both Martin and Prysner have made antisemetic comments previously. Both have attempted to demean the Holocaust by comparing it to the ongoing political crisis in Israel, and by comparing Jewish Israelis to Nazis.


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